The Film List  is a podcast devoted to discussing everyone’s Lists in the world of entertainment.  The Lists are usually in the format of a top 10, but the top amount may variey.  Currently, I am working on my Top 100 films of all time.  Mostly the lists are everyone’s favorites in entertainment.

On each podcast I (Heath Solo) read from listener emails (their lists), and have guests on the podcast to discuss their favorite films, TV shows, actors, directors, etc.

Occasionally I will also have Entertainment roundtable podcasts.  These podcasts are an open entertainment format, where myself and my guests discuss everything from new dvd/blu-ray releases, theatrical releases, history of film, and much much more.  If you have never heard the Film List, go to iTunes and subscribe for free today!

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TFL logo created by Donald.

TFL logo created by Donald.

On January 22, 2010, Ms. Wendy will join Heath Solo as a co-host of the podcast and becoming a podcast regular as soon as Lost is over in 2010.