with Heath Solo and Ms. Wendy

with Heath Solo and Ms. Wendy

Heath Solo and Ms. Wendy are together again as they co-host their second podcast, THE FLASH FORWARD PODCAST LIVE.  This podcast is devoted to ABC’s new epic series Flash Forward.  The series stars Joseph Fiennes  (Shakespear in Love),  Sonya Walger  (Lost), Gabrielle Union  (Bad Boys 2, Life), Dominic Monaghan  (Lost, Lord of the Rings Troilogy) and  Courtney B. Vance  (Law and Order : Criminal intent).

In classic Lost fashion, Heath and Wendy will examine the show like no other podcaster.  Lost  has prepared these podcasting veterans with the intel on how to take a show a part.  They will examine the shows characters, plot lines, and what hidden gems they discover.  They will also  examine the potential theories of the show and in Lost Alums fashion, they will include a segment (on each podcast) called Flash Forward Alums.  This is where they will give you other movies, TV shows, and commercials they see the Flash Forward actors in. 

The podcast will be no more than one hour in length.  Unless a Flash Forward episode happens to be a 2 hour special,  then expect the podcast to run 90 minutes.  They will hit their marks and give all the information you need in debriefing you on all that is Flash Forward.  A new  podcast will be recording LIVE on www.talkshoe.com  every Friday after a new Flash Forward show airs (on the Thursday night before).

You can subscribe to the Flash Forward Podcast Live on iTunes.  Don’t have iTunes?  Click on the link Below to their main page on Talkshoe and listen NOW :


Listen to the intro podcast with Heath Solo and Ms. Wendy :

episode 1

Heath And Wendy are excited about the potential this new show has.  It shall be a fun ride as long as ABC kepts it on the air.