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Here it is, my final mock draft.  The First round begins tonight on ESPN at 730pm est.  Rounds 2 and 3 are Friday, Rounds 4-7 on Saturday.  Well, it’s not an exact science, I gave it my best, enjoy.


 1. ST.LOUIS RAMS – SAM BRADFORD QB OKLAHOMA– I think Suh would be the pick here, but the Rams have had some bad luck drafting Defensive lineman in the first round : Jimmy Kennedy, Adam Carricker (just traded to Redskins) and Chris Long (jury is still out).  They haven’t had a young QB who was a blue chipper  to groom in awhile.  The Rams need an identity.  They need a poster boy.  They need something for the fans to get excited about.  I don’t agree that Sam Bradford is the next coming, but it’s what the Rams will be forced to do.

2. DETRIOT LIONS – NDAMUKONG SUH, DT, NEBRASKA – The Lions are ecstatic! Suh drops to 2, they draft him, and their ace run stopper and pass rusher from the inside is here to stay for 8 years.  A much needed top pick for this failing franchise.


   3. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS- GERALD MCCOY, DT, OKLAHOMA – He is perfect for the Tampa-2 defense.  He is yet another can’t miss, a home run hitter with high upside.  Berry is too early of a pick at number 3, even though I think he is the 2nd best player in this draft.



  4. WASHINGTON REDSKINS-RUSSELL OKUNG, OT, OKLAHOMA STATE – Best Left tackle in the draft.  Redskins have had major holes in O-Line last several years.  He will protect McNabb right away.   Eric Berry would be a greta pick here, but their high pick of Saftey Laron Landry will prevent the Berry pick.

   5. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS- ERIC BERRY, S, TENNESSEE – The Chiefs need a field general and Berry falling to 5 is exactly what the Chiefs want.  A lot of experts have Bulaga going here, yes the Cheifs need O-Line help, but wait to the 2nd or #rd round for that.


  6. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS-TRENT WILLIAMS, OT, OKLAHOMA – Toughest pick for me to project.  I do Like CJ Spiller here, so that would work but I think they don’t want to miss out on a LT to replace Walter Jones.


  7. CLEVELAND BROWNS-CJ SPILLER, RB, CLEMSON – The Browns haven’t had aan impact runner since….Ernest Byner?  Is that right?  Anyway, they need a back like Spiller.  Remember what Adrain Peterson did for the Vikings at the 7th pick a few years back, well maybe not that caliber but the potential is sure there.


8. OAKLAND RAIDRES-BRYAN BULAGA, OT, IOWA – The last time they picked a lineman from Iowa was Robert Gallery.  And we know how that turned out.  They won’t pick Clausen becasue Al Davis is still in love with Jamarcus”I can’t hit the side of a barn” Russell.  Who do they pick?  Will they shock everyone and pick Dez bryant?  No, they go safe this year with Bulaga.


  9. BUFFALO BILLS-JIMMY CLAUSEN-QB-NOTRE DAME – I just see the Bills doing this.  they haven’t had a young QB studd since Jim Kelly came from the USFL.  Not a big fan of him but the Bills will reach.


10. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS-DERRICK MORGAN, DE, GEORGIA TECH – I really like this pick.  Too talented to pass him up.  he adds a much needed pass rush, greta pass rushers are hard to come by these days.


11. DENVER BRONCOS-DEZ BRYANT, WR, OKLAHOMA STATE – They traded Brandon Marshall to Miami.  they need a threat, an athlete, a playmaker to fill the void.  This is it.


12. MIAMI DOLPHINS-EARL THOMAS, S, TEXAS-His stock has been rising, this talent is too much to pass up for Parcells.  With D.Morgan off the board, this is the pick.  Some might think they will go lB here, I think Saftey will be prime for the picking.


13. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS-JOE HADEN, CB, FLORIDA- His sub par 40 at the combine has scared off a few teams.  the Niners need a CB and they will snatch him up before you can say…


14. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS-JASON PIERRE-PAUL, DE/LB, CENTRAL FLORIDA-Pete Carroll will have a hard time with this pick.  they may even trade down.  To avoid a real reach, they will make a safe pick.


15. NEW YORK GIANTS-ROLANDO MCCLAIN, LB, ALABAMA-The streets in the Big Apple rejoice!  They sweat it out and got their man.  The replacement for Antonio Pierce is here.


16. TENNESSEE TITANS-DAN WILLIAMS, DT, TENNESSEE-This is who they want and need.  The loss last year of Albert haynesworth hurt the run stopping defense.  here is a solid pick that will plug that hole, a few times over.


17. SAN FRANSICO 49ERS (From Carolina)- KYLE WILSON, CB, BOISE STATE – They miss the boat on Joe Haden, they will pick the next best CB.

18. PITTSBURGH STEELERS-MIKE IUPATI, G, IDAHO – The best interior offensive lineman in the draft.  steelers have had trouble blocking against the pass rush.  Perfect fit for the Steel city.


19. ATLANTA FALCONS-BRANDON GRAHAM, OLB, MICHIGAN- he will help the linebacking core with sixe and speed.


20. HOUSTON TEXANS-KAREEM JACKSON, DB, ALABAMA – With CB Dunta Robinson gone, the Texans need help.  Jackson is the best CB on the board.


21. CINNCINATI BENGALS-JERMAINE GRESHAM, TE, OKLAHOMA- The Best TE in the draft.  the Bengals haven’t had a TE of this caliber since the mid 90s.  A much needed saftey target for Carson Palmer.



22. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS-SERGIO KINDLE,OLB,TEXAS- He fits the mold of a Belichek player.  Speed, strength, knowlege of the game.  He can flat out play.

 Another Longhorn in the 1st Round...

23. GREEN BAY PACKERS-ANTHONY DAVIS, LT, RUTGERS – The Packers need to protect aaron rogers if they are going to advance in the playoffs.  This is a good start.  His devotion and work ethic is why he drops this far.

 Great Value at #18...

24. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES-TAYLOR MAYS, S, USC- They have yet to replace Brian Dawkins.  Mays is a hard hitter and will wrok well in the Eagles system.


25. BALTIMORE RAVENS-DEMARYIUS THOMAS, WR, GEORGIA TECH – The Ravens got Anquan Boldin from Arizona but they won’t stop here.  They need a young compliment and here he is.  Withthis pick, QB Joe Flacco will have a nice pair of WRs to throw to for a long time.


26. ARIZONA CARDINALS-JERRY HUGHES, LB, TCU- A great talent who has risen into the first round.  A solid player with a fast motor.


27. DALLAS COWBOYS-MAURKICE POUNCEY, C/G, FLORIDA – With G Kyle Kosier reaching the end of his contract, a nice young player will add depth and eventually will take over as a starter.  A very solid pick, a need for the Cowboys.


28. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS-RYAN MATHEWS, RB, FRESNO STATE- Darren sproles can’t do it alone.  With Tomlinson gone, they need a young runner who help right away.


29. NEW YORK JETS-JARED ODRICK, NT, PENN STATE – Great value, great player, great pick.


30. MINNESOTA VIKINGS-DEVIN MCCOURTY, CB, RUTGERS- Vikings need some CB help.  Patrick Robinson possible pick here also.


31. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS-TERENCE CODY, DT, ALABAMA- great solid man to plug in up front on defense.


32.  NEW ORLEANS SAINTS-SEAN WEATHERSPOON, OLB, MISSOURI- Too good to pass up.  Willa dd a spark to the defense.




MARCH 2, 2010 – The NFL scouting Combine is finished, and here is my first MOCK DRAFT of the season.  But there is still a lot that could change with the upcoming pro-day workouts.  Also with  free agency beginning on March 5th, team needs will change.  Especially if teams slated to draft quarterbacks.  Let’s say if Washington trades Jason Campbell  to the Bills or if Donovan McNabb is traded or Michael Vick goes to another team…What I’m saying is that a lot will change from now until April’s NFL draft.  That’s why this will be the first of 2 Mock Drafts to be released. 


   1. ST.LOUIS RAMS – NDAMUKONG SUH, DT, NEBRASKA– He is the biggest impact player in this draft.  Rams have to take him.  He’ll play right away and be a potential defensive rookie of the year. 


   2. DETRIOT LIONS- GERALD MCCOY, DT, OKLAHOMA-I rate him 1b in the defensive tackle rankings.  He may have more potential and is a solid pass rusher also.  He will fit in great for the Lions.  Let’s hope they draft him and not a WR…Joke.


   3. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS- ERIC BERRY, S, TENNESSEE-Looked great at the combine, he has all the tools, great upgrade for the Buccs.  Drafting safety this high is a risk, but it’s worth it for Berry. 


   4. WASHINGTON REDSKINS-JIMMY CLAUSEN, QB, NOTRE DAME-I don’t like any of the top rated QB’s this year.  I would pass on Clausen but new Skins coach may draft Clausen.  Great football IQ from being coached by Charlie Weis at Notre Dame.  Shannahan drafted Jay Cutler, he will draft Clausen to run his offense.  But rumor is if  Skins decide to stay with Jason Campbell, they may trade down and selct a QB in later rounds.


   5. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS- RUSSELL OKUNG, OT, OKLAHOMA STATE-Chiefs need a lot of help.  O-Line is one of them.  They will take the best tackle on the board.  


   6. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS-SAM BRADFORD,QB, OKLAHOMA-Ok, originally I had Seattle taking a OT here, but for Pete’s Carrol first pick, he’s going with a young QB.  Bradford will be it as he will sit a year behind Hasslebeck and learn. 


   7. CLEVELAND BROWNS-CJ SPILLER, RB, CLEMSON-Everyone has Joe Haden in this slot, but poor combine has him slipping.  Browns haven’t had a young, hot  RB since….I can’t remember.  Spiller is the class of the draft and can have an impact now. 


   8. OAKLAND RAIDRES-BRUCE CAMPBELL, OT, MARYLAND-Al Davis is unpredictable.  He loves high 40 yd dash times, it’s why he picked Hayward-Bey instead of Crabtree in 2009.  He will reach for Campbell here,  not because he is an Army of Darkness fan, but he is a workout warrior and shined at combine. 


   9. BUFFALO BILLS-BRYAN BULAGA, OT, IOWA-The Bills want Bradford.  If he doesn’t fall, they go with best Tackle on the board.  Bulaga is their man.  They have many needs. 

Perfect fit...

  10. DENVER BRONCOS-DEZ BRYANT, WR, OKLAHOMA STATE-Best WR in draft.  Brandon Marshall should be traded so they will need a big speed guy.  Dez will fit in just fine. 

They will not pass him up...

   11. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS-JASON PIERRE-PAUL, DE, SOUTH FLORIDA-They really want Tim Tebow, but they can reach for him in 2nd round.  They need a pass rusher. 

Big chance he may end up higher in next Mock Draft...

  12. MIAMI DOLPHINS-ROLANDO MCCLAIN,LB, ALABAMA-They need a young tough linebacker.  He will be a nice pick and will be ask to lead. 

A Potential Parcells guy...

  13. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS-JOE HADEN, CB, FLORIDA-He will slip out of top 10 because of combine, nice pick for the Niners here. 

He'll drop here.

  14. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS-EVERSON GRIFFIN,DE,USC-If Spiller is gone, Coach Pete will use their second pick on someone he coached at USC.  Gives them a big body on defense, something Seahawks were lacking last couple of years. 

He'll be a great pro...

  15. NEW YORK GIANTS-SERGIO KINDLE,LB,TEXAS-Giants need a big WR, defensive backs and Lineman.  But they will use this pick to help their LB needs.  Kindle is explosive and he will help replace Antonio Pierce. 

Another Longhorn in the 1st Round... 

  16. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS-DEREK MORGAN,DE, GEORGIA TECH-They need a pass rusher.  Here is one. 

A Poor man's Julius Peppers...

  17. TENNESSEE TITANS-CARLOS DUNLAP,DE, FLORIDA-Value here.  You can never have too many pass rushers.  Linebacker, offensive line and WR is a need but they can’t pass Dunlap up. 

Another great athlete from the SEC...

  18. PITTSBURGH STEELERS-ANTHONY DAVIS,OT,RUTGERS-Tough call here.  Taylor Mays is on the board.  But the way Big Ben has to scramble and avoid sacks, the OL needs to be younger and stronger.  Keeping Ben upright is the main focus.  

Great Value at #18... 

  19. ATLANTA-EARL THOMAS,S,TEXAS-Falcons could go a few directions here.  But they need to cut down on big plays.  Thomas gives them some speed in the secondary, something they need. 

Toughest player to predict....

  20. HOUSTON-BRIAN PRICE,DT,UCLA-They drafted Okoye early a few years ago, he’s been somewhat of a disappointment.  Price will help stop the run and give Mario Williams some help inside.  Great value here.  They could go corner back, but see how the draft goes. 

Will stop the run...

  21. CINNCINATI BENGALS-MIKE IUPATI,G/C-IDAHO-Good solid pick here.  Bengals will sure up their interior line with the best G in the draft. 

Would go higher if he was a LT...

  22. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS-BRANDON GRAHAM,OLB,MICHIGAN-Coach Bill loves a certain type of player.  They don’t draft the big names, but the right players to fight their scheme.  I expect a trade down here, but if they stay at 22, they need this particular OLB.  Sean Witherspoon could be a possibility here, but may be a bit too high. 

Fills the need....

  23. GREEN BAY PACKERS-TRENT WILLIAMS, OT, OKLAHOMA-They have similar needs as the Steelers.  Packers will pick the best O-Lineman on the board to help Aaron Rogers growth. 

Rounds up the strong T class...

  24. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES-DEXTER MCCLUSTER, RB, OLE MISS-Andy Reid is amazing at drafting players before the team actually needs them.  But with Brian Westbrook now gone, they need another back to go with McCoy.  They will add even more speed with McCluster, as they get younger and faster. 


  25. BALTIMORE RAVENS-ARRELIOUS BENN, WR, ILLINOIS-The Ravens Defense is getting old.  They need some youth, especially in the defensive backfield.  But they can’t pass up a potential target for Joe Flacco.  Now with trade of Anquan Boldin, look for a CB here in next mock draft. 

A much needed weapon...

  26. ARIZONA CARDINALS-DAN WILLIAMS, DT, TENNESSEE-They most likely are losing Karlos Dansby to free agency, so they could go LB.   But Williams fills a need along the defensive line.  If any defensive backs move up on their board, they could grab one here also.  Taylor Mays is another possible choice. 

Not a need pick...

  27. DALLAS COWBOYS-TAYLOR MAYS,S,USC-Ok, you guys know I’m a huge Cowboys fan.  They have some needs : OL, S, ILB depth, pass rusher, speedy WR and K.  Taylor Mays is the best need pick for them.  They have been trying to find a replacement for Darren Woodsen for the last several years.  But players like Woody come once in a decade.  Golden Tate is a possibilty if a team trades up to get Mays.  Lineman maybe, but Cowboys haven’t drafted an O-Lineman in the first round since…..? 

Hope he falls to this slot...

  28. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS-KYLE WILSON, CB, BOISE STATE-Chargers need help in the defensive backfield, and now running back since the release of Tomlinson.  Ryan Mathews RB, Fresno State may shoot up the board here.  But Wilson will be tough to pass up.  Note : Patrick Robinson CB FSU may also move into this slot. 

Boise has been pumping out D-Backs...

  29. NEW YORK JETS-GOLDEN TATE,WR, NOTRE DAME-Jets will add a playmaker.  Ryan will want to add to defense but they also need a nice young weapon for Mark Sanchez. 

Perfect fit in the big apple...

  30. MINNESOTA VIKINGS-MUARKICE POUNCEY, G/C, FLORIDA-They may go in a “best athlete available” here, but I think O-Line is a need. 

the name says it all...

  31. INDIANPOLIS COLTS-JARED ODRICK, DT, PENN STATE-The Colts need help on Defensive line.  If one of the 3 Safteys fall here, maybe, but they need a big stud for the middle of the defense. 

Safe pick...

  32. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS-SEAN WEATHERSPOON, OLB, MISSOURI-Best available athlete here.  The champs are in a great position. 

Great athlete...