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"Cortney B. Vance, I think we got cancelled.."

ABC has cancelled “FlashForward” due to low ratings,  the show dropped from 12.47 million when it debuted in September to 4.77 million on the latest episode.

As you know Ms. Wendy and i started a FlashForward podcast but at the break, we just decided to stop.  The show was struggling and it failed to find a rhythm.  However, the show came back after a hiatus and the last 5 episodes were awesome.  However, even a dvd release of the first part of the season didn’t help as fans were lost for good.  If a show doesn’t maintain high ratings, the newtworks will cancel a show, no questions asked.  My idea : cut the cast down which will help the budget and continue the run on the Scy-Fy network.  But that will not happen.  The cast is moving on.  Recently FlashForward alum Michael Ealy  has joined the cast of  Californication  for season 3.  Well, bye bye FlashForward, you weren’t given a fair chance but we are in the days of ratings, no ratings, no air time.

It looks like V  has been renewed but won’t get a season 2 premiere till 2011.



Before the new series “Flash Forward” debuted, the production team had mapped out a season-long and series-long arc for the show.

And while we don’t know if we’ll get to see the entire series arc, at least we’ll get to see the full season arc.  ABC gave the green light for a full season of the freshman drama yesterday. The order extends the episode count from 13 to 22.

The series has delivered solid ratings against CBS’s “Survivor” and has done extremely well when DVR figures are factored in.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, ratings for “Flash Forward” grew by 32% when DVR viewing was factored into the equation.

That’s the best numbers for any freshman series of the year and is well above the ratings delivered by “Ugly Betty” in the same time slot last year.

“Flash Forward” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.





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10/4/09 – I joined Axel Foley on The Lost Mythos Theory Cast.  We talked about the show Flash Forward and Lost.  You can find this podcast “This is not a FlashForward podcast” on iTunes on both The Lost Revisited Now and the Lost Mythos feed. 

10/5/09 – I joined the “Lostahlics rewatching Lost” podcast.  This week we discussed Season 3 episodes : “DOC, The Brig, and The Man Behind the Curtain.”

10/6/09 – On “The Film List” podcast I continued my countdown of my Top 100 favorite films of all-time.  This week I went through numbers 90 to 81.

10/9/09 – Ms Wendy and I will be recording our “Flash Forward podcast Live.”   We will give our thoughts on episode 3 that airs Thursday night.  But we will be recording on Gizmo.  It will be posted via talkshoe Friday night.

10/9/09 – Also on Friday, we will be recording a podcast for “The Lost Revisited Now.”   This week we are giving out the bunny awards to our favorite moments of the season 3 finale : “Through the Looking Glass.”  We will be joined by Nancy Drew (Lostaholics), Glen (Everyone’s favorite star wars/Hawthorne fan), and Donald from Donald is Lost/Re-opening the X-Files)  this podcast will be live on talkshoe at 930pm est.

Robert J. Sawyer  is the author of the book Flash Forward

Robert J. Sawyer and David S. Goyer

Robert J. Sawyer and David S. Goyer

And yes, he made an appearance  in the pilot episode.  I had no idea, well, I don’t know what he looked like.  I guess that’s why.  But I do now.  Regardless, I love hidden cool facts like this.  I’m a big fan of films/shows putting important figures in the background.  This element of hidden appearances  kind of started with Alfred Hitchcock.  He would show up in the background of all his films.  But some sites are calling Robert J. Sawyer’s appearance a cameo.  But what is actually a cameo?  The Hitchcock and R.Sawyer appearances are more as a background performer (an extra).  They are sort of hidden so your eye has to look for them.  Cameo‘s are usually when a real famous person appears briefly on screen but they usually have a line or 2.  It’s also done so the viewer notices it and not has to pause and search.  Cameo’s are not usually someone just in the background.  Robert J. Sawyer is on the phone next to Olivia, so it may be considered a cameo.  He is right in the foreground.  But is he famous enough?  Well, if he made a cameo in Batman, sure it may not be considered a cameo but a bit part.  But the fact he is the author of Flash Forward, it may qualify as a cameo.  I can’t remember if he actually spoke in the scene but it sounds good to me.  Thanks to FlashForward TV for the photo :

Robert J. Sawyer on the left.

Robert J. Sawyer on the left.

Ms. Wendy and I completed our fourth podcast for The Flash Forward Podcast Live.  We went over the second episode of the season, White To Play.  We believe this episode was  to be a part of the 2 hour premiere, but with Grey’s Anatomy doing a 2 hour premiere that same night, they split the two episodes up.   This could be why Dominic Monaghan wasn’t in the epsiode.  We were told at comic con he would be in the second episode.  So let’s hope he will make his debut next week. 

I liked the episode, but not as much as the premiere.  But I’m giving them a pass because they really do have to set up the season arch.  So we may get a lot of exposition as the season goes on.  It’s going to take some time for me to get settled on their style.  I’m just a bit thrown off at some of the humor and serious elements.  I guess I just have to get used to it.  I have a feeling this series will wind up like the show Fringe : Amazing premiere, next 5-8 epsiodes setting up the show then mid to the end of the season they will find their stride and the show will become amazing.  I have faith in Flash Forward.

Here is the screen caps for new parts of Olivia’s flash forward.  I had forgotten that we see Olivia and Lloyd in the same vision.   We are  to assume that’s Olivia on the bed, could it change?:

ff screen cap 1

We normally record the podcast on talkshoe.  But with trying to keep our podcast to the 60 minute mark and to improve audio, we decided to record on gizmo then post on talkshoe to get to iTunes.  This week we had a bit of some audio issues.  A bit of echo and low level recording knocked our quality down this week.  Due to time constraints, we had to post this recording.  It’s not as bad as I thought but just want to apologize in advance if it caused any listening problems.  We are still working out all the kinks, as I promise that the recording quality will be much better for our next episode.

We appreciate all your support with getting this podcast off the ground.  I want to give special thanks to those who emailed in : Summertime,  Mike (NJ),  Scotty Six,  Anita,  Teresa,  Graft,  Tom in England,  Big Daddy Dez, Valerie Dean,  CutePoison10, Tom wilson and Anna in Indiana.  Our new email for the podcast is :  Also be sure to leave us twitter comments as we will read them on next weeks podcast :  and

Nest week, Friday October 9th, we will be recording our 5th podcast for FF episode 3 and after that on talkshoe at 930pm est, we will be recording a Lost Revisited Now Podcast : Bunny awards for Through the Looking Glass.  We will be joined by Nancy drew, Glen, and hopefully Alex.  Donald and Anna will join us after the awards to talk more about Lost in our expanded segment.  So sit back and enjoy.

Ratings News: Episode 2 of FlashForward Gets 10.78 Million Viewers



Ratings news for the second episode of FlashForward seems quite good. According to TV by the Numbers, “White to Play” got 10.78 million viewers, retaining approximately 86% of the audience who tuned in to the series premiere last week. The show also got a household rating/share of 6.7/11, and a rating/share of 3.7/11 among Adults 18-49, which tied timeslot competition Survivor: Samoa on CBS.

Compared to other new shows on ABC getting good ratings, FlashForward also held up well. FlashForward got more total viewers than Modern Family (9.993 million) and Cougar Town (9.249). FlashForward also had a comparable rating/share among Adults 18-49 (a desirable demographic especially among advertisers), with a 3.8/10 for both Modern Family and Cougar Town.


Flash Forward Podcast in full swing

September 25, 2009 – We have posted our latest episode of  The Flash Forward Podcast live  on iTunes.  Ms. Wendy and I went over the pilot episode, “No More Good Days” that premiered on ABC 8pm this past Thursday.  During the podcast we attempted to recap the episode in 2 minutes 17 seconds, and yes we failed.  In the fashion of Lost Unlocked and The Transmission  podcasts, we want to do a quick recap that doesn’t take up too much time.  The recap was closer to 7 minutes.  My portion ran for under 3 minutes and well Ms. Wendy, she almost doubled me.  We gave it an effort, but it’s going to be tough to do.  But we promise it will not go over 7 minutes.  Our season goal, to actually do a recap in 2 minutes 17 seconds, good luck with that.

We are trying to find our format.  With the characters and the flash forwards, each week we will keep building our character analysis and putting the pieces together of the show’s mythology.

We normally record on talkshoe, but we will be doing this podcast on gizmo.  It isn’t live for you to hear, but the sound quality is so much better.  I do have to learn to stay  still while recording with a low budget headset, but I promise that the quality will get better and better each week.  We also will stay within the 60 minute format.  Our Lost podcast goes a lot longer but we want to give Flash Forward fans more of a quicker, precise product.

We currently have been doing well on iTunes : we are in the new and note worthy section and we reached #31 on the iTunes tv/film category.  So we hope to broaden our fan base.  If you have any feedback about Flash Forward, send your emails to Wendy : or to Heath :

Don’t have iTunes?  Listen to our latest podcast here :

Flash Forward Podcast Live : episode 3 No More Good Days

ff photot main


SOLO:  I am a frequent audience member at one of the best theaters in the greater Los Angeles Area, The Archlight in Hollywood.  They have assigned seating, a great gift shop, a bar with some great cocktails and appetizers.  The patrons that attend this theater are smart movie goers.  They are not obscene, they don’t take 5 minutes to open a candy wrapper, and are very aware of their surroundings.  There isn’t a bad seat in the house and the Archlight staff are A+ in my book.  There is also a great chance you will sit down and watch a film right next to a celebrity.  I’ve had the great luck to watch a film one seat away from actress Famke Janssen.  Wow, she looks so good in person.  It was at a screening of the Nicole Kidman film BIRTH.  The film wasn’t that great but having Famke one seat away was stellar.  I had to sneak a peek at her a few times but had to be covert as I was with my girlfriend at the time. 

My Dream Girl?????

My Dream Girl?????

All in All, the ARchlight is my all-time favorite theater.  And yes, their was a Flash Forward premiere there last night.  here is the article by The Eaminer LA writer Peter Gonzaga :

Last night at the Arclight Theaters in Hollywood, CA, a group of “Entertainment Weekly” readers had a chance to meet and watch a sneak peek episode of ABC’s new series “FlashForward.” Walking the impromptu press line included the stars of the show John Cho, Jack Davenport, Courtney Vance, Zach Knighton, Christine Woods, Peyton List, Dominic Monaghan and Brian O’Byrne. Unfortunately, Joseph Fiennes was a no show. 

      One photographer said that was one of the main reasons for her excitement of covering the special screening of “FlashForward.” I’m sure many fans were hoping to see Mr. Fiennes. 

      “FlashForward” is about the humans in the whole world blacked out at the same time. A worldwide phenomena of individuals experiencing the future. Each character has a story to tell.

Great Shot from EW's Fall preview issue...

Great Shot from EW's Fall preview issue...

     The stars of the show began trickling in the VIP lounge area around 6pm to enjoy some light hor ‘douvres and drinks from the bar. Dominic Monaghan laughed before entering the photo press line and quipped that he better put down his cocktail before taking his photos. He jokingly talked to the photographers saying that it’s the worst thing of  having a photo with a drink in your hand because if one ever has to go to rehab, that photo will be the one that runs. Not that Mr. Monaghan would need rehab.

     Interestingly when the stars of the show arrived, the men congregated together while the various women sat in separate areas of the lounge. As the night wore on before the screening, the ladies did warm up and began hanging out together. One might say that the cast is still building up camaraderie.

“FlashForward” premieres Thursday, September 24, 2009 on ABC. 

The Flash Forward Podcast LIVE with Heath and Ms. Wendy episode 2 will go live on Talkshoe 9pm est September 25, 2009.




Here is a look at a Press Tour Diary from Michael Ausiello at EW :

WHO: Sonya Walger, Joseph Fiennes, John Cho, Courtney B. Vance, Dominic Monaghan, and exec producers Jessika Borsiczky Goyer, David S. Goyer, and Marc Guggenheim.

Fiennes and Walger

Fiennes and Walger

PREMISE: The world’s population blacks out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, during which they see a glimpse of their future on April 29, 2010. Compelling, suspenseful pilot with two fantastic leads in Walger and Fiennes. (Watch the trailer)

1:01 pm/PST: “By the end of the first season most of the questions in the pilot will be answered,” says e.p. David Goyer. The exception: The “overarching cause of why the blackout happened” won’t be revealed until the end of the series.

1:06 pm: David Goyer is an “enormous fan of Lost” and says the show “proved to me that there could be a place on network television for” dramas with large ensembles featuring different shades of morality. Damon Lindelof’s advice to him: “Tell your story. Stick to your guns.”

1:08 pm: The timeline of Season 1 will go beyond April 29, 2010 (a.k.a. D-day), but it won’t be the season finale. “The significance of that date is one of the mysteries of the show,” says e.p. Guggenheim. “And what’s going to happen after April 29 is another mystery of the show.”

1:09 pm: Monaghan, who says FF is “not as sophisticated” and mythology-rich as Lost, signed on without a script or a specific character description. “He took an enormous leap of faith,” says David Goyer. Monaghan’s only request: He wanted to play someone vastly different than Charlie. Producers remain mum on who exactly he will be playing.

1:10 pm: Stalker alert! Monaghan’s initial meeting with producers took place at Delancey on Sunset. Chances are, he’ll be back! (Directions)

1:13 pm: Casting notes: Seth MacFarlane (yes, that Seth MacFarlane) and Alex Kingston (or “the woman from ER,” as one reporter referred to her) will continue to recur. Gabrielle Union, meanwhile, kicks off her arc in episode 3.

1:14 pm: Lost has polar bears. FlashForward has a kangaroo.

1:30 pm: Walger says she has “absolutely no idea” if she’s returning to Lost as Penny.

Coming up next: ABC exec session!


Joseph Fiennes in Flash Forward.

Joseph Fiennes in Flash Forward.


When the world’s population is given a glimpse of their future due to a mysterious global event, it forces everyone to come to grips with whether their destinies can be fulfilled or avoided.

This is the summary for ABC’s new show Flash Forward.  The premiere is just over two weeks away and yes, Ms. Wendy and I are podcasting about this new hit show.  Tonight on labor day Monday, we will do our introduction podcast.  We will be going over everything you need to know to get ready for the show.



Flash Forward’s 2 hour pilot episode debuts on Thursday September 24th, 2009 at 8pm on ABC.
The Flash Forward Podcast with Heath and Ms. Wendy   will then bring their podcast on Friday nights after every new episode (new episodes air on Thursdays).
Our old friend Penny in a new place....

Our old friend Penny in a new place....