The Lost Revisited Now is an audio podcast devoted to ABC’s Lost.  My podcast name is Heath Solo and my co-host is Ms. Wendy (  

Our weekly format during the Lost TV season : 

1. Watch the episode. 

2. Then we record an initial reaction show that is recorded after the west coast episode airs on ABC.  It is a podcast that captures our initial thoughts and reactions.  We open the initial reaction podcast to our friends in the Lost community.  

3. Then on Friday or Sunday, we do a follow up podcast where it is just me and Ms. Wendy.  This is where we break down the episode :

1. Main Topics : a slight recap sets up each main topic we discuss.  The main topic section of the podcasts covers the answers and amazing monets of the episode.  

2. Clues & Quotes : any hidden gems that we find in the episode and great lines from the characters 

3. Quick points : any thing worth mentioning 

4. Theories Section : any new theories we have and we also read from listener emails 

5. Lost Alums : any current/former Lost actor we saw in another medium (TV show, film, commercial, play, on the street, etc.)  Our brand : We watch current Lost episodes and compare them to past episodes.  We also revisit former episodes and compare them to what we know now. (usually done during the hiatus) 

Ms. Wendy also created “The Bunny Awards” in which are awards we give to favorite moments in a given season.

We also have special edition podcasts called “The Lost Ramble On“.  The Ramble On is a roundtable podcast in which guests from other podcasts come on and talk LOST with us.  Among the podcasts that have joined us : Donald Is Lost, Nancy Drew & Lostaholics, The Black Rock Lost podcastJacob’s CabinLost Mythos Theory CastKeys to LostBehind The Cutting Edge, No Payne No Glory, and many of  friends and listeners in our Lost community . 

Our podcast homebase is at and you can subscribe to us for free on iTunes.  We are also a part of   The Lost Podcasting Network  and the Lost Theories Network

TLRNow podcast explores the theories and questions of ABC's LOST.

TLRNow podcast explores the theories and questions of ABC's LOST.