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80.   LESS THAN ZERO  (1987)  Andrew McCarthy, Robert Downey Jr.Jami Gertz,  directed by Marek Kanievska

79.   NIGHT ON EARTH  (1991)   Winona Ryder, Rosie Perez, Roberto Benigni, directed by Jim Jarmusch


78.   PSYCHO   (1960)   Anthony PerkinsJanet Leigh,  directed by Alfred Hitchcock


77.   THE LONG KISS GOOD NIGHT   (1996)   Geena DavisSamuel L. Jackson,  directed by Renny Harlin

76.   INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE   (1989)   Harrison FordSean ConneryRiver Phoenix,  directed by Steven Spielberg


75.  THE STING  (1973)   Paul NewmanRobert RedfordRobert Shaw,  directed by George Roy Hill   (Replaces The Naked Gun at this slot)



74.   CLOSER   (2004)   Clive OwenJude LawJulia RobertsNatalie Portman, directed by Mike Nichols

73.   THE CONVERSATION  (1974)   Gene HackmanJohn CazaleHarrison Ford, directed by Francis Ford Coppola


72.   FIELD OF DREAMS  (1989)   Kevin CostnerAmy MadiganRay Liotta,  directed by Phil Alden Robinson

71.   THE PLAYER  (1992)   Tim RobbinsWhoopi GoldbergVincent D’Onofrio,  directed by Robert Altman

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Heath Solo’s 100 Favorite films of all-time continues with number 90 to 81.  You can catch the countdown on The Film List podcast.

Top 100 favorite films # 90-81 :

Tom and Huck at number 90.

90.   Tom Sawyer (1973)  Johnny Whitaker, Jodie Foster, Warren Oates.  directed by Don Taylor.

89.   Collateral  (2004)   Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx.  Directed by Michael Mann.

88.   Ocean’s 12  (2004)  George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts.  Directd by Steven Soderbergh.

After the meeting with Matsui.

87.   Chasing Amy  (1997)  Ben Affleck, Jason lee, Joey Lauren Adams.  Directed by Kevin Smith.

Grease is the word at #86.

86.   Grease  (1978)   John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John.  Directed by Randal Kleiser.

Greased Lighning.....

85.   JFK  (1991)   Kevin Costner, Joe Pesci, Gary Oldman.  Directed by Oliver Stone.

Kevin Costner explains the greatest American conspiracy since Donald re-opened the X-Files.

84.   Fargo  (1996)   William H. Macy, Steve Buscemi, Frances McDormand.  Directed by Coen Brothers.

83.   The Graduate  (1967)   Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft, Katharine Ross.  Directed by Mike Nichols.

82.   The Cinncinati Kid  (1965)  Steve McQueen, Edward G. Robinson, Ann-Margret.  Directed by Norman Jewison.

Edward G. and my man Steve McQueen.

81.   The 25th Hour  (2003)   Edward Norton, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Barry Pepper, Rosario Dawson, Anna Paquin, Tony Siragusa, Brian CoxDirected by Spike Lee.

Last night of freedom.....

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Here is fan, Jason Spell (Burbank, Ca)  aka Jason Vorhays TOP 20 FAVORITE FILMS OF ALL-TIME



19.   TOP GUN






14.   CRASH




11.  HEAT


 9.   ROCKY






 6.  JAWS



 3.  E.T.





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The Ultimate countdown begins.  On The Film List podcast, we have received many top 10 lists.  We’ve received many Top 10 favorite film lists from a variety of listeners around the world.  Coming out in the upcoming months, I will release my Favorite 100 American films of ALL-TIME.  These films are not what I consider the best films ever made, but my ultimate favorite films of all time.  Every few weeks, I will release my top 100 in 10 film segments.  This list as read on The Film list Podcast episode 18.

HEATH SOLO’S TOP 100 – FILMS 100 TO 91 :

A Broken down piece of meat...

A Broken down piece of meat...

100.  THE WRESTLER   (2009)  Mickey Rourke, Marisa Tomei  directed by Darren Aronofsky

 99.   THE HUSTLER    (1961)   Paul Newman, Jackie Gleason   directed by Robert Rossen

 98.   TRAINING DAY   (2001)   Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke   directed by Andrew Fuqua

Washington and Hawke

Washington and Hawke

 97.   SIDEWALKS OF NEW YORK   (2001)   Edward Burns, Heather Graham   directed by Edward Burns

 96.     SHADE   (2003)   Gabriel Byrne, Jamie FoxxStuart TownsendSylvester Stallone,  directed by  Damien Nieman  (Replaced film Dr. No at this spot)

Heath Solo stars as a Gunman at the bar in the opening scene.


 95.   BEAUTIFUL GIRLS   (1996)   Matt Dillion, Uma Thurman   directed by Ted Demme

 94.   SWINGERS   (1996)    Jon Favreau,  Vince Vaughn   directed by Doug Liman

 93.   THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR   (1968)   Steve McQueen,  Faye Dunaway  directed by Norman Jewison

McQueen and Dunaway shine in this classic heist film....

McQueen and Dunaway shine in this classic heist film....

 92.   CASINO   (1995)   Robert DeNiro,  Sharon Stone   directed by Martin Scorsese

 91.   TAXI DRIVER   (1976)   Robert DeNiro,  Jodie Foster   directed by Martin Scorsese

You talkin' to Heath....

You talkin' to Heath....

Heath Solo’s 100 Favorite Films : 100-91


90.   TOM SAWYER  (1973)  Johnny Whitaker, Jodi Foster, dir. Don Taylor

89.   COLLATERAL  (2004)   Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx , dir. Michael Mann

Cruise as Vincent for the 2nd time (Color Of Money)

Cruise as Vincent for the 2nd time (Color Of Money)

88.   OCEAN’S TWELVE   (2004)   George Clooney, Brad Pitt, dir. Steven Soderbergh

87.   CHASING AMY   (1997)   Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, dir. Kevin Smith

86.  GREASE   (1978)   John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, dir. Randal Kleiser

85.  JFK   (1991)   Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman, dir. Oliver Stone

The biggest American Conspiracy in history...

The biggest American Conspiracy in history...

84.   FARGO   (1996)   Frances McDormand, Steve Buscemi, dir.  Joel/Ethan Coen

83.   THE GRADUATE   (1967)   Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft, dir. Mike Nichols

82.   THE CINNCINATI KID   (1965)   Steve McQueen, Edward G. Robinson, dir. Norman Jewison

81.  THE 25TH HOUR   (2003)   Edward Norton, Barry Pepper, dir. Spike Lee

Barry Pepper and Edward Norton

Barry Pepper and Edward Norton


On June 8th, 2009 I recorded my Top 10 favorite TV shows of all-time on the podcast :

The Film List : Episode 8

I read off the synopsis of each show, taked about some of my favorite scenes and episodes, and those personal experiences that go a long with it.  My criteria for selecting my Top 10 TV shows ;

1.   The Series must be finished.  Their run has to be over.  Unfinished shows that would have made my top 10 as of now : Lost, 24, and Law and Order.

2.   I had to have seen every episode.

3.   The series finale plays a strong part in the Top 10 process.

However, since the  podcast airdate, there was a show that I just totally forgot.  The show’s name is : Alias by JJ Abrams.  I just had one of those brain freezes and totally forgot to include it.  I can’t believe I forgot.  So here is what I’m going to do.  I will do a podcast in the near future.  I will count down my Top 20 TV shows of all time for my 20th episode of The Film List.  But i will change the criteria.  I will include shows that haven’t finished.  There are a few shows that no matter what happens, they will be in.  So look for this podcast to premiere in September 2009.  SO, as of June 8th, 2009 here is my  Top 10 shows of all-time as told on The Film list.

Heath Solo’s Top 10 TV shows : The 1st Draft :

10.    The Twilight Zone :  debuted on Oct 2, 1959.    5 seasons – 156 episodes, one movie – Twilight Zone : The Movie.  Also a reboot of the series in the late 80s.

  9.     Three’s Company :  debuted March 15, 1977   8 seasons – 174 episodes and 2 spin-offs : Three’s A Crowd and The Ropers.  Based on the British series Man of the House.

Hanging at the Regal Beagle...

Hanging at the Regal Beagle...

   8.    Magnum P.I.: debuted on December 11, 1980.  8 seasons – 162 episodes.

   7.    21 Jumpstreet :  debuted on April 12, 1987.   5  seasons – 105 episodes.  one spin-off : Booker with Richard Grieco.

   6.    Cheers:  debuted on September 20 1982.  11 seasons – 270 episodes.  Passed 21 Jumpstreet in this slot because of the strength of  the finale.

   5.    Spenser : For Hire :  debuted on September 20, 1985   3 seasons – 65 episodes.   5 TV movies.  One spin-off :  A Man Called Hawk.

Hawk and Spenser

Hawk and Spenser

   4.    The X-Files :  debuted on  September 10, 1993.   9 seasons – 200 episodes and 2 films : Fight The Future  and  I Want To Believe.   One spin-off : The Lone Gunmen.  The series Millennium wrapped up it’s series on an episode of the X-files and Richard Belzer reprised his role of Detective Munch (Homicide and Law and Order : SVU) on an episode.

   3.   Family Ties :  debuted on September 22 1982.  7 seasons  – 176 episodes.  One spin-off :  The Art of Being Nick.

Ties of the Family

Ties of the Family

   2.    Batman : debuted on January 12, 1966.   3 seasons – 120 episodes.  Aired 2 episodes on back to back nights per week.   One Movie : Batman : The Movie was a summer blockbuster after season 1.

   #1 show of all-time (soon to be replaced by Lost once it’s finished :

     THE WIRE :  debuted on  June 2, 2002.   5 seasons – 60 episodes.  Probably the best TV show ever made.  The series finale was the best finale I have ever seen.

They put the actor in acting.

They put the actor in acting.

Our good friend Tiny the Bodyguard joined my on The Film List  and gave us his Top 10 favorite films of all-time.  Tiny is the official bodyguard forall Lost podcasters, so if you try anything, Tiny will get in your way.  Tiny has been a long time TLRNow entourage member and has appeared multiple times on the Lost Ramble On podcasts.  There has even been a Lost Ramble On named after Tiny.  TLRNow podcast from May 1st, 2009 :  Episode 48 : “Not Tiny’s Boat!”    Thanks again Tiny, really appreciate having you on.  You are the best brotha! 


10.   The Green Mile

Tom Hanks, Tiny the Bodyguard, David Morse.

Tom Hanks, Tiny the Bodyguard, David Morse.

 9.    The Matrix

 8.   Clerks

 7.   The Big Lebowski

 6.   The Godfather

Not Tiny's chair....

Not Tiny's chair....

 5.   Lord of the Rings : Return of the King

 4.   Superman

Tiny, you the man!

Tiny, you the man!

 3.   Raiders of the Lost Ark

 2.   The Empire Strikes Back

and Tiny the Bodyguard’s all-time favorite film :

                                      #1.   GOODFELLAS




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MP3 File : episode 15 “Not Tiny’s List”

Also on episode 15,  Heath Solo read Jessica’s Top 10 :

Jessica (Phoenix, AZ) Top 10 Favorite Films :

10.   The Fifth Element

 9.   Resident evil : Extinction

 8.   Monsters, INC.

 7.   Monty Python and the Holy Grail

 6.   A Nightmare on Elmstreet

 5.   Fight Club

 4.   The Lost Boys

 3.   Transformers

 2.   Braveheart

                  1.   Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Jessica Rabbitt....

Jessica Rabbitt....


Chad in Indiana’s Top 10 Favorite Films  as told by Chad :

The Film List BABY!!! I love your show … it gets me through my workday.
10. Heavyweights – I am not a huge fan of slapstick comedy, but this film just gets me. It is what I think to be Ben Stiller’s best comedic role, as the crazy fitness instructor.
9. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – Really great acting from Jim Carey & Kate Winslett plus a great thought provoking story … almost trippy.
8. Swingers – What a fun, cool, funny guys movie. I like the laid back feel it has, and it feels very realistic.

You're money baby...

You're money baby...

7. The Royal Tenenbaums – Awesome surreal world that Anderson builds with a great all-star cast. It has a great dreamy feel to it that I like and has great dry humor.
6. The Virgin Suicides – This movie is all about the haunting and surreal feel to the film. The whole thing almost feels like a dream. It also has great music that adds to the flavor. It is chilling story that really puts you into the character of the young boys … who ended up knowing nothing about the girls … just like we as viewers feel at the end … why did they do it?
5. The Big Lebowski – This movie is just cool. It has awesome humor, and it is very quotable. The character of The Dude is amazing, John Goodman is great in this, and you can’t forget about the Nihilists … WE BELIEVE IN NOSSSSTHHING, LEBOOOWWWSKI  .. ha
4. Snatch – Cool, stylized film … cool characters …  funny …one of the best opening sequences to any film I have see.
3. Rushmore – Smart, funny film with a great soundtrack. Bill Murray is awesome … Jason Schwartzman is fantastic and is very believable in his role. The film is so maticulous, you can tell that everything in the film has been thought through with the greatest detail. I love that this old business man and young student can strike up a friendship … but they are both ruthless .. ha
2. Raiders of the Lost Ark – It’s really hard to think of a more enjoyable movie to watch … great action and comedy … you can’t ask for more .. perfection.
1. Bottle Rocket – This is the film that introduced me to the dry humor in movies that I have come to love. It basically shaped my sense of humor. The characters and dialogue in this film are so funny. Every time I watch it, new things jump out and crack me up … the subtle things are great. EVeryone needs to give this film a try … It’s the Wilson bros. jump off and also Wes Andersons

Chad's #1 Favorite Film!

Chad's #1 Favorite Film!

Thanks for the show,
~ Chad in Indiana

Here is Chad Kubley’s Top 10 TV shows as read on The Film List podcast : Episode 8 June 8th, 2009.

Chad Kubly Top 10 All-Time Favorite TV Shows :

10. Parker Lewis Can’t Lose – Weird, quirky humor with a great collection of different characters.

9. The Muppet Show – Classic and always funny. Beaker is the best, dude.

8. Gilmore Girls – My guilty pleasure … I always had a crush of Alexis Bledel, but it’s Lauren Graham that steals the show. Great dialogue too.

7. Curb Your Enthusiasm – A whole series about George Costanza … haha … Larry David is genius.

Oh that Larry David...

Oh that Larry David...

 6. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The characters are all despicable … but that’s what makes them so funny. Such a wicked comedy that doesn’t hold back …. I believe it is the best comedy still being made.

5. Arrested Development – The characters are so funny … I find myself having a new favorite character every time I watch. I can’t wait till the movie!! I need my Bluths!

4. Seinfeld – Not much I can say … a masterpiece of comedy ….

3. The Wonder Years – What an amazing, touching show. I can’t believe how well it is made, and the music in it is great. The characters are so real. This is the show that has pushed me to tears more than any other.

What would you do if I sang out of tune?

What would you do if I sang out of tune?

2. Lost – This changed the way I believed a TV show could be made. The mystery, character development, music …. so great. This is the only show I watched marathon style when I first got the dvds … like 8 episodes in a row at a time, heh … so good.

CK’s Number 1 TV Show of all-time is…………………

Numero uno!

Numero uno!

1. The Adventures of Pete and Pete – This show is amazing … Nickelodeon was so cool back then … but this show was the best. It’s twisted humor mixed with remembering things from my childhood was awesome. This was an adult show masked as a kid’s show. The humor is weird and has gone a long way in shaping my sense of humor. All the characters were great too … the song at the start of the show is my ringtone : )

Donald Chavis was the first ever guest to appear on the Film List twice, and currently holds the record for 5 appearances.  He is dedicated and a lot fun to have on.  We like to go back and forth playing little reindeer games, but he always starts it.  But honestly, he is a great friend and has 2 amazing podcasts : Donald Is Lost and  Re-opening the X-files.  For his age, he is actually very intelligent and has a big bright future in the world of podcasting.

Now as far as his TV list, he followed the same criteria I did for my list.  So to make Donald’s film list : The show has to be completed, the strength of the finale plays a part in show ranking, has to be more than 2 seasons, and he had to have seen every episode.  Hence, why Lost and a few other shows are not on the list.

Donald’s List is interesting.  But whether you like it or not, he has a strong passion for his list.   After talking with Donald about his list, I started watching Veronica Mars.  Donald had got me hooked on that show.  He is one for one.  he has even reopened the X-Files for me and I’ve started another X-Files rewatch.  Thank you Agent Donald.

Donald’s Top 10 all-time favorite films was recorded on The Film List  on June 15, 2009.  Subscribe on iTunes or for instant Donald Satisfaction :  Donald’s TV List

 Honorable mentions to : Bones,  House,  Doctor Who.

Donald Chavis’ Top 10 Favorite TV shows of all time :

Donald's in The Dead Zone

Donald's in The Dead Zone

10.   The Dead Zone

 9.   That 70’s Show

 8.   Quantum Leap

Donald takes a Leap...

Donald takes a Leap...

 7.   Martin

 6.   Angel

 5.   Veronica Mars

Donald got me hooked on this great show.

Donald got me hooked on this great show.

 4.   Buffy the Vampire Slayer

 3.   Friends

Is that Mikail in the background?

Is that Mikail in the background?

 2.  Seinfeld

  Donald Chavis’ Top TV show as of June 15, 2009 :

                                     #1.   The X-Files

Donald will always leave the X-Files open!

Donald will always leave the X-Files open!

Check out Agent Donald’s podcast : Reopening the X-Files with Agent Donald.

We recorded epsiode 14 of The Film List on July 8th, 2009.  Alex Haun, the lawyer to Lost podcasters, joined me to discuss his favorite films.  It was a pleasure to have Alex on.  He made his debut on The Lost Revisited Now episodes 54/55  for the Season 5 bunny awards and The Incident part 3.   Alex also hosts 2 brand new podcasts : Wire Cast (about HBO’s hit show The Wire) and Lost Hiatus Cast (off season podcast on ABC’s Lost) that can be found on iTunes.  Alex also is in a rock band which released an exclusive unreleased track Smokey Drain on the Donald is Lost  podcast.  Check out the band’s website :  Great job Alex!

To hear Alex’s Top 10 list, click on link below :

Alex Haun’s Top 10 Films on the Film List

10.   Terminator 2 : Judgement Day

 9.   Heat

Pacino in Heat.

Pacino in Heat.

 8.   Body Heat

Mickey's 1st film.

Mickey's 1st film.

7. To Live and Die in L.A.

6.   Saving Private Ryan

Tom Hanks in Alex's #6 favorite film.

Tom Hanks in Alex's #6 favorite film.

 5.   Wallstreet

 4.  Seven

On the case, Pitt and Freeman.

On the case, Pitt and Freeman.

 3.  Aguirre, The Wrath of God

 2.  The Godfather

Alex’s #1 favorite film of all time :

                             #1.   Taxi Driver

"You talkin' to me."

"You talkin' to me."