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Wilson aka Winston (Burbank, CA) Top 10 Favorite Films of all time as read on The Film List podcast episode 14 on July 8th, 2009.

Wilson  is very intelligent man and we often get into some great conversations about Life, UCLA basketball and Mandy Patankin.  He is actually the one to come up with the name of the blog, Heath’s World.  So when I approached him about doing his film list, he did not hesitate.  I was surprised at the many French films on his list, but at the same time I was impressed.  Since his days going to high school with actor Michael Douglas, Wilson has added to his eclectic taste for cinema.  He is a big fan of Anne Hathaway, Renne  Zellewegger and long walks at Palomar mountain (inside joke).  His taste spreads over a wide array of genre.  Thus his list exemplifies that,  with of course his passion for green tomatoes.

Wilson’s Top 10 :

10.   Day of the Jackel

Is that Lance Armstrong.  (Wilson at Palomar)

Is that Lance? (Wilson at Palomar)

 9.   Umbrellas of Cherbourg (Les parapluies de Cherbourg)

 8.   La Poupee’

 7.   And God Created Women

 6.   A Man and a Woman (Un homme et une femme)

 5.   The Bourne Supremacy

 4.   The Bourne Identity

 3.   The Bourne Ultimatum

The Bourne trilogy makes the list.

The Bourne trilogy makes the list.

 2.   Le Mans

McQueen in Le Mans

McQueen in Le Mans

 1.   Fried Green Tomatoes

Wilson's number 1 film!

Wilson's number 1 film!


On The Film List : episode 5, Glen (Everyone’s favorite StarWars fan) joined me on to discuss his favorite Top 10 films of all-time.  It was a fantastic podcast and Glen’s formula for picking a top 10 was very interesting.  First, he had to have seen a particular film at least 10 times.  Second, Glen wanted to make sure his list had many different genres.  His picks were selected with that in mind.  For example, at number 7, he wanted a western.  Instead of putting the 3 westerns he liked at number 7, 8, and 9, he selected one, leaving the rest out of the top 10.  “If I didn’t do it that way, I would have had 6 Star Wars films in the top 10.  I wanted variety.”  So Glen selected one film while giving proper honorable mentions to those films that are high on his list, but just not there for his top 10.

Damn, I can only pick 10!

Damn, I can only pick 10!

Glen is a close friend of mind.  I’ve gotten to know him over the past year.    He has a good heart and his an A+ human being.  This is just a film list, but Glen is just one off those friends where he puts you first and himself second.  Yes, he does talk my ear off on Star Wars expanded universe references, but I’ll listen for 5 minutes on who Chewbacca’s cousin is any day of the week.  Especially if it means spending some quality time with my friend.  Thanks for being on the podcast, you’re a good man Charlie Brown.  Even if you are from Cleveland, lol.


10.  The Muppett Movie  (Honorable mention to Babe and Glen says, “One of the best family films out there”)

A Glen Ewing connect-tion....

A Glen Ewing connect-tion....

 9.   Rocky (Honorable mentions to Breaking Away, Slap Shot, Bull Durham, Jerry McGuire, this is Glen’s favorite sports film)

 8.   The Pink Panther Strikes Again (Honorable mentions to Kevin Smith and Glen’s funniest person he has ever seen, Peter Sellers, Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back, The Marx Brothers, Caddyshack.  )

The first sequel in Glen's Top 10...

The first sequel in Glen's Top 10...

 7.   Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (Honorable mentions to Tombstone, Cool Hand Luke, Once Upon a Time in the West, Unforgiven, and many more.)

 6.   Raiders of the Lost Ark (No honorable mentions, Raiders stands alone.)

 5.   Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Honorable mentions to Airplane!, The Jerk, Life of Brian, Shaun of the Dead, The Naked Gun.)

 4.   The Dark Knight ( Honorable mentions to Superman : The Movie, Gene Hackman, X-Men films, Spiderman, and Sin City.  “This movie blew me out of the water.” explains Glen.)

 3.   Star Wars Episode III : Revenge of the Sith (Honorable mention to The Empire Strikes Back)

Surprise pick, but can't argue with everyone's Favorite Star wars fan...

Surprise pick, but can't argue with everyone's Favorite Star Wars fan...

 2.   Jaws (Honorable mentions to Schindler’s List,  Saving Private Ryan, Memento, The GodfatherForrest Gump)


GLEN’S #1 FAVORITE FILM OF ALL-TIME, IS………..do you really not know?

                           1.     STAR WARS : EPISODE IV : A NEW HOPE 

Release on May 25, 1977, a great day!

Release on May 25, 1977, a great day!

MP3 File   of Glen’s Top 10 list from the Film List episode 5.

The other half of the Jacob’s Cabin Podcast (ABC’s LOST), Denise from Indiana aka Sharp Cheddar (Twitter) joined me on The Film List, June 1st, 2009.  This podcast was a breath of fresh air.  Her list really captured what a favorite list should be.  Not the best films, but your favorites.  And why these favorites are that and what makes them so special.  She even took one for the team.  She sort of pulled an Anna but she made some hard choices as she narrowed down to a Top 10, lol. We had a lot of fun, played some tunes and she really opened up as we talked about her LIST!

THE FILM LIST : EPISODE 7 : DENISE’S TOP 10 Favorite Films :

Okay, drumroll please!

10 – The Harry Potter series (Every Harry Potter film (and Potter to come) all tied at number 10.  Kind of a loop hole but we let it slide :

Philosopher’s Stone (2001) Chamber of Secrets (2002) Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) Goblet of Fire (2005) Order of the Phoenix (2007) Half-Blood Prince (2009) Deathly Hallows (2011)
Sort of Pulling an Anna, HP films all tied at #10.

Sort of Pulling an Anna, HP films all tied at #10.

9 – The Punisher (2004, not the one with Dolph Lundgren!)
8 – The Whole Nine Yards
7 – Pirates of the Caribbean (only the first movie)

6 – Clerks 2

Great choice for #6.

Great choice for #6.

5 – Legally Blonde
4 – Aladdin (Disney’s Little Mermaid/The Lion King just missed the cut, but we give them a strong mention)

3 – Moulin Rouge (Grease/Rent get strong honorable mentions; Denise loves the movie version of RENT!, “even though it’s so much better on stage!” as quoted on The Film List)
2 – Tombstone
1 – A Hard Day’s Night (Denise is a major Beatle’s fan.  i was very impressed with her choice here.)
Denise's #1 Film of all time!

Denise's #1 Film of all time!

Again, I give her credit.  She has such a great mix of films.  But more importantly, she had reasons for her picks.  This makes Denise’s list a true fan favorite.

Our good friend/loyal listener Scotty 6 from NJ was on the podcast May 26. 2009 to talk about his film list.  We had a great time and he did a great job in selling us on “The Family Stone” and why “When Harry Met Sally” was his number one.  Though his MAN card was almost taken away, can’t question a man his favorites.

Click on the link to listen to Scotty’s List or any other FILM LIST podcasts :

Scotty 6 (NJ)  Top 10 Favorite Films :

10. Clerks
9. The Family Stone

"Scotty has us at number 9?  Right on sista!"

"Scotty has us at number 9? Right on sista!"

8. Toy Story
7. The Back to the Future 2 ***Trilogy honorable mention.
6. The Princess Bride
5. Ghostbusters
4. Beauty and the Beast
3. The Natural
2. Waiting for Guffman
1. When Harry Met Sally

When Harry met Scotty

When Harry met Scotty

Donald Chavis (Donald is Lost, Re-Opening the X-Files) joined me on The film List to discuss his Top 10 favorite films of all-time.  It’s always a pleasure to speak with Donald.  He’s a great friend and really has a great perspective on the world of entertainment.   Below is his list.  

The guests on the Film List podcast come from a wide range of fandom.  You can really tell the background and taste based on someone’s particular list.  Donald loves comedy, is a child of the 90’s, and is a huge Peter Jackson fan.  Thus it’s reflected on his list.  Remember the list is about  favorite films.  Not necessarily the best films, but ones that you just love.

If you haven’t listened to this podcast with him yet, you’re in for a real treat.  In the podcast we also talk about Bruce Willis, Michael J. Fox, the evolution of Airplane, and what worked and didn’t in the film X-Files : I Want to Believe

Donald’s Top 10 Favorite Films :

10.   The Frightners

09.  Die Hard  *with honorable mention of Die Hard 2.

08.  Back to The Future   *with honorable mention of Back To The Future 2.

Donald is 'Back in Time"

Donald is 'Back in Time"

07.  Groundhog Day

The Price is Right?

The Price is Right?

06.  Happy Gilmore

Go to your home....

Go to your home....

05.  Billy Madison

04.  Airplane!

03.  X-Files : Fight the Future

"Is that Agent Donald?"

"Is that Agent Donald?"

02.  Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers

#1.  Lord of the Rings : Return of the King



The Film List Podcast

Gareth’s Top 10 Favorite Fims :

written by :
Gareth Watkins (East Yorkshire, England)

Films that just miss the cut :

Rear Window
I’m a big fan of Alfred hitchcock and especially James Stewart and this, for me, is their best collaboration.  It’s a movie for anyone who has ever taken a nosey look over their fence at their neighbour or through a window at someone in their living room and wondered what they’re up to.  Stewart is just great as the wheelchair bound peeping tom while Grace Kelly is beautifully charming as his girlfriend.
Monsters Inc
For me, this is the funniest Pixar movie so far and is hugely enjoyable mainly because of the performances of Billy Crystal and John Goodman as the two central characters.  The computer animation is superb and the whole thing is eminently rewatchable.
I love Clint Eastwood – both in front and behind the camera.  This one gives us the best of both worlds with a terrific performance as the aging gunman and deservedly Oscar-winning direction.  Its one of those movies that succeeds in every department, including stunning cinematography and a beautiful score.  Eastwood at his best, although it is another of his movies that makes it into my top 10.
The Ladykillers (1955)
I so wanted to ensure a British film was in my top ten but I couldn’t sacrifice any of my other picks to make way!  This is my favourite British film with the legend Sir Alec Guinness on creepily top form.  The Coen remake with Tom Hanks was enjoyable but not a patch on the original.
One of only three films I saw more than once at the cinema (the others are ET and Reservoir Dogs).  A tremendously entertaining film.
The Big Lebowski
I’m a big Coen Brothers fan and I was going to include two of theirs in my 10 but I had to be ruthless and cut one.  Jeff Bridges was born to play The Dude, that’s all I’ll say!  (I collect autographs from the Coen Brothers movies and they can all be seen at www.lanius.co.uk/autographs/coens.php)
10. Moulin Rouge!
This snuck into my top ten because of what it means to my wife and I.  It was a film I went to see with her, expecting to hate it and ended up really enjoying it.  Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman do a great job with the songs and like last year’s Mamma Mia, the fact that they aren’t professional singers, gives it all an extra ounce of charm.  This film holds a special place in our hearts because we went to Paris and saw the Moulin Rouge live show for our honeymoon and also had Ewan McGregor’s version of Your Song for the first dance at our wedding.
9. Hard Boiled
John Woo is one of the best action directors ever – fact!  Chow Yun Fat is a great action star and this is my favourite Woo/Fat collaboration.  The storyline is a bit hokey but the action is just breathtaking.  Never mind that our hero doesn’t stop to reload much.  When the action sequences are this well choreographed, who cares?  Tony Leung is in this one too and he is one of my favourite Asian stars.
8. Mr Smith Goes To Washington
How can anyone not like James Stewart?  He was the original “Everyman” and here perhaps representing a lot of people who have a rose-tinted view of the American government.  I defy anyone not to be moved as the naive Smith’s ideals of what he thought American government should be, become shattered and when he makes his climactic, marathon speech, a lump in the throat is assured for all but the hardest of hearts.  The film revolves around Stewart’s charming central performance but there is great support from the brilliant Claude Rains and the lovely Jean Arthur.
7. The Fellowship of the Ring
I was a fan of Peter Jackson ever since I saw his debut Bad Taste years and years ago.  The Rings trilogy is a far cry from the hilarious splatter mayhem of that early film.  Great score, huge, sweeping landscapes, and an ever bigger story with memorable characters, some charming, some not.  It’s bigger than the sum of its parts and I pick the first film from the trilogy because this is where it all began – our first introduction to Jackson’s vision of JRR Tolkein’s world.  His eventual Oscar glory was well deserved, following the years of hard work that Jackson had put in.  I was just in awe when I saw this film and a numb rear end from the long running time did nothing to spoil my enjoyment and subsequent repeat viewings.
6. Lost in Translation
This is a film that seems to divide opinion.  Many love it while others berate it, saying they were waiting for something to happen and it never did.  I think they missed the point.  It’s very much a character piece and a story of an unusual friendship, bordering on love affair between a young graduate and a jaded, older actor well-past his glory days.  In someone else’s hands, the film could have been so very different but written and directed by Sofia Ford Coppola and brilliantly acted by Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson, against a noisy, colourful backdrop of downtown Tokyo, this is a wonderful, wonderful film.  For those waiting for *something* to happen, the relationship IS the something.  There are so many memorable moments…”Brack toe”…”Lip my stockings”…Murray trying to stop the cross-trainer…but really too many to mention.  It’s so absorbing and charming and the journey the two characters go on is one my wife and I (because we both love the film) are only too willing to join them on again and again.
5. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
As Spaghetti westerns go, this has to be the definitive one.  Clint Eastwood at his brooding nameless best with superb support from Eli Wallach and Lee Van Cleef.  Ennio Morricone’s unforgettable score, so atmospheric, adding loads to the overall experience.  The whole movie of course orchestrated by the legendary Sergio Leone.  Wow, this is just a great ride and what a climax with the stand off in the cemetery with lots of close ups of eyes as the tension mounts.  I emailed Axel today  after hearing his comments about the use of Aimee Mann’s song at the end of Magnolia (I love that movie!) and how some people didn’t like how the actors sang to it.  I love how the use of music with some scenes can make a world of difference and raise it from being a great scene to a GREAT scene.  You mentioned Goodfellas and the use of Layla.  Well the final shots of the sweeping desert and Eastwood riding off into the distance accompanied by Morricone’s “wah-wah-waaaahhhh” score is one of my favourite movie moments.  I’m not ashamed to admit that sometimes, when a scene is just so good, I get emotional and wrapped up in the moment – this is one of those times.  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – my favourite western.
4. Star Wars
While definitely not the greatest film ever made, contrary to many popular polls, this is undoubtedly one of the most influential and significant, not least because of the impact it had on childhoods the world over, mine included.  I was only 4 when this movie came out so was a bit of a late starter but I got so caught up in Lucas’ universe that I lived and breathed Star Wars for years.  I’ve grown up a bit now of course but whenever I watch it, I feel a tinge of excitement when the 20th Century Fox fanfare plays at the beginning, just like I did 30-odd years ago!
3. Fargo
I’m a big fan of the Coen Brothers.  There aren’t many writer/directors whose average movies are still a level above the best of many others.  Fargo is without doubt the Coens at their best.  It’s another movie where everything was just right – the plot, the cast, the score, the cinematography, the pacing and the direction.  William H Macy can do “hapless” so well!  There is a terrific double act of Steve Buscemi and Peter Stormare while Frances McDormand won an oscar for her portrayal of the outwardly naive but ultimately clever policewoman.  It’s all set against a freezing cold, snowy backdrop in a Minnesota winter, brought to life by Carter Burwell’s brilliant score.  The Coens won an oscar for their original screenplay and it is easy to see why.  Their characters and their turns of phrase make for a wonderful script and the resulting film is simply brilliant.
2. The Shawshank Redemption
This is one of those films that you realise very quickly is going to be good.  It’s one that has been talked about and talked about so I’m sure I can’t say anything new about it but let’s just say that I love this film!  Great moments, highs and lows but of course the underpinning theme of holding on to hope.  Ultimately uplifting, this is one that I can watch again and again and never grow tired of.  Kudos to director and screen-writer Frank Darabont for the great job he did on this and of course hats off to the tremendous cast led by Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, with the under-rated Bob Gunton as the warden and Clancy Brown as the hard-nosed Captain Hadley.  This should be in everyone’s top ten!
1. Casablanca
If there is a more perfect film than this one, I’d like to know what it is.  As old as the film is, Casablanca has retained it’s charm and delight for nearly 70 years.  Chock full of wonderful characters played by a perfect cast.  Bogart was never better than here, cool calm and charismatic.  Ingrid Bergman – beautiful and charming.  Strong support comes from Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre and Paul Heinreid but my favourite character is undoubtedly Captain Renault played by the brilliant Claude Rains.  Next to Bogart, he gets the best lines and all the laughs.  Casablanca is the perfect film to relax to on a Sunday afternoon with a delightful mix of romance, humour and drama.  It certainly isn’t all soppy stuff with the serious issue of World War 2 and the French resistance running through it.  A highlight is when the French patrons of Rick’s Bar join in with a rousing rendition of La Marseillaise, much to the anger of the Germans but this small act of defiance epitomises the spirit of those resisting the German onslaught. An absorbing, romantic and just wonderful film.

Here are some Top 10 favorite films from some Film List listeners :

JD MAN’s Top 10 Favorite Films :

10. The Wickerman (1973)

9. Dragon : The Bruce Lee story

8. The Outsiders

7. For Your eyes Only

6. Pump Up The Volume

5. Children of the Corn

4. Yankee Doodle Dandy

3. Heathers

2. Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael

#1.  Eddie and the Cruisers

Jd Man is 'on the darkside'

Jd Man is 'on the darkside'

Lehua is a faithful listener who sent in her Film List without hesitaion.  She works with our friends Anna and Denise.

Lehua In Indiana’s Top 10 Favorite Films :

"Use the force, Lehua"

"Use the force, Lehua"

1. Star Wars
2. The Beastmaster
3. Tomb Raider
4. Lord Of The Rings
5. Shawshank Redemption
6. Princess Bride
7. Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
8. He Loves Me He Loves Me Not
9. Legend
10. The Mummy

Great job kids!

Anna In Indiana (Jacob’s Cabin podcast) was my first ever guest on The Film List.  We gave her a little latitude.  She first had like 17 films for the Top 10, but had pressured her to trim it down.  But looking at the list now, she didn’t really trim it.   There are 3 select positions in which she has 3 films listed.  This term we now call “Pulling an Anna.”  So number 10, 5, and 1 are listed for example :  1a, 1b,  1c.  We had a lot of fun talking movies.  Great job Anna!

Anna In Indiana’s Top 10 Favorite films :

10. Kung Pow! : Enter The Fist   *with All Thumb movies

9. Serenity

8. Planet of the Apes

FAV film #8.

FAV film #8.

7. The Prestige

6. Equilibrium

5a. Star Trek IV : The Voyage Home

5b. Star Trek : Generations

5c.  Star Trek : First Contact

4. Beauty and the Beast

3. Newsies

2. The Sound of Music


#1 Star Wars Trilogy :

If Anna had to pick, Empire would be #1

If Anna had to pick, Empire would be #1

1a. The Empire Strikes Back

1b. Star Wars

1c. Return of The Jedi


MP3 FILE  of THE FILM LIST : episode 2 with Anna in Indiana


The man, the myth, the WOODY...

The man, the myth, the WOODY...

10. Play it Again, Sam
9. Sleeper
8. Manhattan Murder Mystery
7. New York Stories
6. Everyone Say’s I Love You
5. Love and Death
4. Sweet and Lowdown
3. Hannah and Her Sisters
2. Manhattan
1. Annie Hall

And so it begins….

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The Lost revisited Now podcast with Heath & Ms. Wendy

The Lost Revisited Now podcast with Heath & Ms. Wendy