Episode 73 of The Lost Revisited Now will be recorded live on Talkshoe Monday December 7, 2009, time 9pm est.

Wendy and I will be going over the Lost essential episodes revealed to us by Carlton Cuse before season 5.  We avoided this article as it revealed spoilers for seaosn 5.  But know that season 5 is over and season 6 is upon us, we can now talk about whether they stood true to their revaltions.

We will also come up with our 10 essential episodes leading toward season 6.  Some may be relevant, some of humor, but don’t miss as we pick 2 episodes from each season  that you have to rewatch before the Lost season 6 premiere night on Feb. 2, 2010.

Here is the list of episodes from the article that was published before last seaosn.  Special thanks to Nicole’s Lost blog for keeping it up.

The Top 10 Essential Episodes:
Executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carolton Cuse exclusively reveal the Top 10 episodes Lost fans might want to review before Season 5’s January 21 premiere.

Season One:
1.0 Walkabout
Episode Clue: Locke was in a wheelchair before his arrival on the Island
Season 5 Preview: Jack and Ben try to bring to bring Locke’s corpse back to the Island. Can he be resurrected?

2.0 White Rabbit
Episode Clue: Jack’s dead father Christian appears very much alive on the island
Season 5 Preview: Christian returns and the mystery of his white tennis shoes will be answered.

3.0 Deus Ex Machina
Episode Clue: Locke pleads to the island “I’ve done everything you wanted me to do,” and a light comes on in the Swan hatch.
Season 5 Preview: “We will learn the whole nature of why the Swan hatch exists.” Lindelof

Season Two:
4.0 The 23rd Psalm
Episode Clue: When Mr Eko stared at the smoke monster you “learned the monster was able to pull memories from a character’s life,” reminds Cuse.
Season 5 Preview: A greater understanding of the monster will come this season.

5.0 Live Together, Die Alone
Episode Clue: Sayid, Sun and Jin pass the ruins of a giant four-toed statue.
Season 5 Preview: The statue will reappear.

Season Three:
6.0 Flashes Before Your Eyes
Episode Clue: Desmond meets Fionnula Flanagan who could presumably foresee the future.
Season 5 Preview: We will see the mysterious woman again.

7.0 The Man Behind the Curtain
Episode Clue: Ben’s back story was begun.
Season 5 Preview: A “nice juicy chunk” of Ben’s back story will be revealed confirms Cuse.

Season Four:
8.0 The Constant
Episode Clue: Desmond is shown time-jumping between 1996 and 2004.
Season 5 Preview: The consequences of incorrectly entering/exiting the island will play a crucial role as the Oceanic 6 attempt their return.

9.0 The Shape of Things to Come
Episode Clue: Ben tells Charles Widmore he will kill his daughter Penny. Ben responds “We both know I can’t kill you.”
Season 5 Preview: The power struggle between these men deepens and will be explored further this year.

10.0 There’s No Place Like Home
Episode Clue: Ben addresses Jacob before he turns the stone wheel and moves the island. Everything in this episode is relevant.
Season 5 Preview: We’ll see Locke’s death midway through the Season as his faith in the island will continue to be tested.