"Cortney B. Vance, I think we got cancelled.."

ABC has cancelled “FlashForward” due to low ratings,  the show dropped from 12.47 million when it debuted in September to 4.77 million on the latest episode.

As you know Ms. Wendy and i started a FlashForward podcast but at the break, we just decided to stop.  The show was struggling and it failed to find a rhythm.  However, the show came back after a hiatus and the last 5 episodes were awesome.  However, even a dvd release of the first part of the season didn’t help as fans were lost for good.  If a show doesn’t maintain high ratings, the newtworks will cancel a show, no questions asked.  My idea : cut the cast down which will help the budget and continue the run on the Scy-Fy network.  But that will not happen.  The cast is moving on.  Recently FlashForward alum Michael Ealy  has joined the cast of  Californication  for season 3.  Well, bye bye FlashForward, you weren’t given a fair chance but we are in the days of ratings, no ratings, no air time.

It looks like V  has been renewed but won’t get a season 2 premiere till 2011.