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Ms. Wendy and I completed our fourth podcast for The Flash Forward Podcast Live.  We went over the second episode of the season, White To Play.  We believe this episode was  to be a part of the 2 hour premiere, but with Grey’s Anatomy doing a 2 hour premiere that same night, they split the two episodes up.   This could be why Dominic Monaghan wasn’t in the epsiode.  We were told at comic con he would be in the second episode.  So let’s hope he will make his debut next week. 

I liked the episode, but not as much as the premiere.  But I’m giving them a pass because they really do have to set up the season arch.  So we may get a lot of exposition as the season goes on.  It’s going to take some time for me to get settled on their style.  I’m just a bit thrown off at some of the humor and serious elements.  I guess I just have to get used to it.  I have a feeling this series will wind up like the show Fringe : Amazing premiere, next 5-8 epsiodes setting up the show then mid to the end of the season they will find their stride and the show will become amazing.  I have faith in Flash Forward.

Here is the screen caps for new parts of Olivia’s flash forward.  I had forgotten that we see Olivia and Lloyd in the same vision.   We are  to assume that’s Olivia on the bed, could it change?:

ff screen cap 1

We normally record the podcast on talkshoe.  But with trying to keep our podcast to the 60 minute mark and to improve audio, we decided to record on gizmo then post on talkshoe to get to iTunes.  This week we had a bit of some audio issues.  A bit of echo and low level recording knocked our quality down this week.  Due to time constraints, we had to post this recording.  It’s not as bad as I thought but just want to apologize in advance if it caused any listening problems.  We are still working out all the kinks, as I promise that the recording quality will be much better for our next episode.

We appreciate all your support with getting this podcast off the ground.  I want to give special thanks to those who emailed in : Summertime,  Mike (NJ),  Scotty Six,  Anita,  Teresa,  Graft,  Tom in England,  Big Daddy Dez, Valerie Dean,  CutePoison10, Tom wilson and Anna in Indiana.  Our new email for the podcast is : FlashForwardLive@gmail.com  Also be sure to leave us twitter comments as we will read them on next weeks podcast : www.twitter.com/heathlrnow  and www.twitter.com/bunnieslrnow

Nest week, Friday October 9th, we will be recording our 5th podcast for FF episode 3 and after that on talkshoe at 930pm est, we will be recording a Lost Revisited Now Podcast : Bunny awards for Through the Looking Glass.  We will be joined by Nancy drew, Glen, and hopefully Alex.  Donald and Anna will join us after the awards to talk more about Lost in our expanded segment.  So sit back and enjoy.


Who is Josh Holloway?

– I was lucky enough to be a guest at Josh Holloway’s appearance with acting coach Tom Ardavany in Santa Monica, Ca on Tuesday night ( July 28th, 2009).

Josh Holloway with Tom Ardavany

Josh Holloway with Tom Ardavany

And what a cool 2 hour event it was.  I was about 25 feet from Josh himself (At one point he did walk by me to use the facilities).  But it hit me more when I got home that I actually was able to see up close my favorite actor and character on Lost.  His entrance was that of man who is proud and more than excited to share his insight with up and coming actors.  He wasn’t like a celebrity who thought he was doing us a favor for being there.  He wasn’t like let’s get this over with.  Josh would have stayed another hour if it was up to him.  He was exceptional.  One of the nicest actors I have ever met.  And yes ladies, he is as sexy in person as you would believe.  but from a guy’s perspective, he’s a mans man, cooler than the other side of the pillow.


Josh set the tone and was a joy to hear speak.  He comes off as very thankful for success.  He is very humble.  Before Josh came out, they played the final piece of the “Incident” scene before and after Jack drop the nuke into the swan tunnel.  Josh came out soon after.  His entrance was just that : a presence of stardom.  He took over the room without effort.  He pointed in the crowd to some old friends that he hadn’t seen since his early days of acting class.   Josh talked about his acting appraoch in doing intense  scenes,  what the Lost set is like (laughter, scrabble and farts),  he explained in detail his scene with Elisabeth Mitchell, talked about what to expect if you are a guest star on Lost, lack of rehearsal time, protecting yourself on the set, responsibility of Jack Bender as a director, his new baby, life after Lost, and much much more.

Listen to my podcast as I give my recount the evening and answer the question,  Who is Josh Holloway? :



Josh event three8764

Josh, Tom and student.


 I was so eager to talk about Josh in my podcast that I edited some great comments out about actor/coach Tom Ardavany.  After listening to the podcast,  I realized that I totally left out some important stuff about Tom.  Coming tomorrow will be my write up on what I learned. I suggest you attend one of Tom’s actor series specials as you can learn so much about the world of being an actor.  Tom, thank you so much for the opportunity.

As we reported on the Lost Revisited Now podcast, Lost has added an extra hour to its’  final season.  It was planned before season 5 that the final season was going to have 17 hours.  But another hour has been added to make it a full 18 hours of Lost for season 6.  “Any time you get added Lost hours it is a very good day” shouted Donald Chavis.    So what is the chance we will get 24 hours?  1 million to none but I always like to hope.  Here is the report I found at http://lost-media.com/topics/lostnews/

18 hours of Island fun!!!!

18 hours of Island fun!!!!

 Lost finds another hour for season six by Mark Medley

The final season of Lost has just gotten a bit longer: ABC announced they are adding an extra hour to the popular drama’s sixth and final season. Previously, fans were informed season six would last a paltry 17 hours; now, however, Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello reports via Twitter that the upcoming season will be a staggering 18 hours “including two-hour premiere and two-hour finale.” Lost should return to TV early in 2010.


Well Lost fans, the hiatus is upon us.  9 grueling months until the final LOST season begins.  We have options :

1. Escape to a cave and talk to no one.

2. Pass the time with new shows without comparing them to Lost.

3. Pretend there was no such thing as 5 of the best seasons of television.

4. Or have a life and enjoy it while it lasts.

But aside from the hiatus blues, I have one question for you : Will Jack and Kate come back?  What i mean is, will the old season 1 Jack and Kate please stand up?  These 2 main characters at the start of the series were suppose to be our favorites.  but along the way their characters have seem to drop to the middle of the pack.   A  few ‘pill popping and goober calling’ moments have shunned us from loving these 2 characters the last few seasons.  So, in season 6, will Jack and Kate return to Lost form?  Let me know in the pole!

Jack + Kate = Fate

Jack + Kate = Fate