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Yes, The Lost Revisited Now is back in full swing! We just recorded episode 77 : Bunny Awards for “The Incident”, season 5 finale.  Me and Wendy were joined by Anna and Denise from Jacob’s Cabin with a late entrance by Donald from donald is Lost.  We also added some great Lost Alums and had a bit of an hourish ramble for those devoted to those sort of things.  If you don’t have iTunes, you can listen below :

TLRNow Episode 77 “The Incident Bunny Awards”


The other half of the Jacob’s Cabin Podcast (ABC’s LOST), Denise from Indiana aka Sharp Cheddar (Twitter) joined me on The Film List, June 1st, 2009.  This podcast was a breath of fresh air.  Her list really captured what a favorite list should be.  Not the best films, but your favorites.  And why these favorites are that and what makes them so special.  She even took one for the team.  She sort of pulled an Anna but she made some hard choices as she narrowed down to a Top 10, lol. We had a lot of fun, played some tunes and she really opened up as we talked about her LIST!

THE FILM LIST : EPISODE 7 : DENISE’S TOP 10 Favorite Films :

Okay, drumroll please!

10 – The Harry Potter series (Every Harry Potter film (and Potter to come) all tied at number 10.  Kind of a loop hole but we let it slide :

Philosopher’s Stone (2001) Chamber of Secrets (2002) Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) Goblet of Fire (2005) Order of the Phoenix (2007) Half-Blood Prince (2009) Deathly Hallows (2011)
Sort of Pulling an Anna, HP films all tied at #10.

Sort of Pulling an Anna, HP films all tied at #10.

9 – The Punisher (2004, not the one with Dolph Lundgren!)
8 – The Whole Nine Yards
7 – Pirates of the Caribbean (only the first movie)

6 – Clerks 2

Great choice for #6.

Great choice for #6.

5 – Legally Blonde
4 – Aladdin (Disney’s Little Mermaid/The Lion King just missed the cut, but we give them a strong mention)

3 – Moulin Rouge (Grease/Rent get strong honorable mentions; Denise loves the movie version of RENT!, “even though it’s so much better on stage!” as quoted on The Film List)
2 – Tombstone
1 – A Hard Day’s Night (Denise is a major Beatle’s fan.  i was very impressed with her choice here.)
Denise's #1 Film of all time!

Denise's #1 Film of all time!

Again, I give her credit.  She has such a great mix of films.  But more importantly, she had reasons for her picks.  This makes Denise’s list a true fan favorite.

Anna In Indiana (Jacob’s Cabin podcast) was my first ever guest on The Film List.  We gave her a little latitude.  She first had like 17 films for the Top 10, but had pressured her to trim it down.  But looking at the list now, she didn’t really trim it.   There are 3 select positions in which she has 3 films listed.  This term we now call “Pulling an Anna.”  So number 10, 5, and 1 are listed for example :  1a, 1b,  1c.  We had a lot of fun talking movies.  Great job Anna!

Anna In Indiana’s Top 10 Favorite films :

10. Kung Pow! : Enter The Fist   *with All Thumb movies

9. Serenity

8. Planet of the Apes

FAV film #8.

FAV film #8.

7. The Prestige

6. Equilibrium

5a. Star Trek IV : The Voyage Home

5b. Star Trek : Generations

5c.  Star Trek : First Contact

4. Beauty and the Beast

3. Newsies

2. The Sound of Music


#1 Star Wars Trilogy :

If Anna had to pick, Empire would be #1

If Anna had to pick, Empire would be #1

1a. The Empire Strikes Back

1b. Star Wars

1c. Return of The Jedi


MP3 FILE  of THE FILM LIST : episode 2 with Anna in Indiana