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Yes, The Lost Revisited Now is back in full swing! We just recorded episode 77 : Bunny Awards for “The Incident”, season 5 finale.  Me and Wendy were joined by Anna and Denise from Jacob’s Cabin with a late entrance by Donald from donald is Lost.  We also added some great Lost Alums and had a bit of an hourish ramble for those devoted to those sort of things.  If you don’t have iTunes, you can listen below :

TLRNow Episode 77 “The Incident Bunny Awards”


This is my weekly update for to where you can find Heath Solo in the podcasting world.  All podcasts can be found on iTunes.  If not an iTunes person, just go to www.talkshoe.com and type in the podcast name in the search engine.  All podcasts this week are on both iTunes and talkshoe.

10/4/09 – I joined Axel Foley on The Lost Mythos Theory Cast.  We talked about the show Flash Forward and Lost.  You can find this podcast “This is not a FlashForward podcast” on iTunes on both The Lost Revisited Now and the Lost Mythos feed. 

10/5/09 – I joined the “Lostahlics rewatching Lost” podcast.  This week we discussed Season 3 episodes : “DOC, The Brig, and The Man Behind the Curtain.”

10/6/09 – On “The Film List” podcast I continued my countdown of my Top 100 favorite films of all-time.  This week I went through numbers 90 to 81.

10/9/09 – Ms Wendy and I will be recording our “Flash Forward podcast Live.”   We will give our thoughts on episode 3 that airs Thursday night.  But we will be recording on Gizmo.  It will be posted via talkshoe Friday night.

10/9/09 – Also on Friday, we will be recording a podcast for “The Lost Revisited Now.”   This week we are giving out the bunny awards to our favorite moments of the season 3 finale : “Through the Looking Glass.”  We will be joined by Nancy Drew (Lostaholics), Glen (Everyone’s favorite star wars/Hawthorne fan), and Donald from Donald is Lost/Re-opening the X-Files)  this podcast will be live on talkshoe at 930pm est.

Donald Chavis (Donald is Lost, Re-Opening the X-Files) joined me on The film List to discuss his Top 10 favorite films of all-time.  It’s always a pleasure to speak with Donald.  He’s a great friend and really has a great perspective on the world of entertainment.   Below is his list.  

The guests on the Film List podcast come from a wide range of fandom.  You can really tell the background and taste based on someone’s particular list.  Donald loves comedy, is a child of the 90’s, and is a huge Peter Jackson fan.  Thus it’s reflected on his list.  Remember the list is about  favorite films.  Not necessarily the best films, but ones that you just love.

If you haven’t listened to this podcast with him yet, you’re in for a real treat.  In the podcast we also talk about Bruce Willis, Michael J. Fox, the evolution of Airplane, and what worked and didn’t in the film X-Files : I Want to Believe

Donald’s Top 10 Favorite Films :

10.   The Frightners

09.  Die Hard  *with honorable mention of Die Hard 2.

08.  Back to The Future   *with honorable mention of Back To The Future 2.

Donald is 'Back in Time"

Donald is 'Back in Time"

07.  Groundhog Day

The Price is Right?

The Price is Right?

06.  Happy Gilmore

Go to your home....

Go to your home....

05.  Billy Madison

04.  Airplane!

03.  X-Files : Fight the Future

"Is that Agent Donald?"

"Is that Agent Donald?"

02.  Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers

#1.  Lord of the Rings : Return of the King



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