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Heath Solo is back!

September 3, 2009-It’s been a few weeks.  Summer is ending and life has been crazy for me .  Like most of you know, we get involved in projects that push our commitments to the fullest. We take on tasks that we feel we can accomplish, but sometimes time is our worst enemy. 

I haven’t blogged much in the last month : vacation, podcasting, finishing my script, etc.  I have posted weekly blu-ray releases and some TV info, but I have yet to actually start my daily blog.  I wanted to blog each day about random topics.  Anything on my mind that happens in “Heath’s World.”  Ok, one more time, “Party time, excellent.”  Got to love it Nancy Drew.  So I’m going to do my best to put out a daily blog.  I’m shooting for every day but there may be one to 2 days a week that we don’t get a daily blog.  But I want to be able to release something everyday whether it is Lost related, Film List related, life, TV or film related.  So I will do my best to keep it going. 

Finishing up my latest script has taken up all my time this summer.  I have taken a break from podcasting and blogging.  It’s important that I finish my screenplay by late September.  I’m on my 4th draft and it’s almost there.  This draft has made some leaps and bounds, so I see the 5th and final draft just being a “cross the T’s and dotting the I’s” draft.  So I will have the latest draft done this weekend, have a meeting, then work on the last and final draft over two weeks there after.  I’m also in the middle of another screen play that I’m developing for a network that I can’t say at this time.  It’s a less complicated script, so I’m giving myself a bit of latitude to get it finished.  But I do want to have a solid draft by October.

With that said, the tough part is over.  Time is becoming mine again and it’s perfect because I want to get on a more frequent podcasting schedule.  Next Monday, September 7th, 2009,  Ms. Wendy and I will be doing our first Flash Forward podcast.  It will be an introduction to this new show.  We are excited as it is our most anticipated new show we want to examine.

We will also be doing one  Lost podcast a month.  We will tackle the season finales we have yet to cover and do a few podcasts previewing the final Lost  season coming in 2010.  As we get closer to the season 6 premiere, we may add 2-3 extra podcasts to our plate.  The anticipation of the new season will get our motors running for putting out Lost content.

The Film List podcast  will resume also.  I have been trying to schedule a date with Donald and Agent Shadow to discuss season 2 of the X-files.  But we haven’t been able to nail down a date yet.  Plus as I have almost completed my rewatch of season 2, the slim set I have doesn’t have the finale on the last disc.  Donald told me that there was some problems with the season 2 slim set not having the finale.  So I wasn’t the only one who this happened to.  How can they forget to put the finale on these sets?  Are you kidding me?     I am so pissed that I payed money for a product that wasn’t complete.  Guess I am netflixing the last disc.

So with that said, Heath’s World  is back in full force.  Podcasts will be in full effect starting on September 7th, and I am excited.  Plus the much promised Heath’s Top 100 favorite films of all-time is on it’s way.  In September, I will be putting out numbers 100-91 on the Film List.  Also, I will be adding to Heath’s World : a Lost alums page, more fans top 10’s, and some new ideas from listener Tom Wilson.  Tom contacted me on doing a podcastof my experiences with auditioning for television and  the process.  Such a great idea Tom.  That will definitely be on the horizon for October.

So I’m back, ready to rock, thank you for checking out the blog and listening to the podcast.  Talk to you soon.


Heath Solo


August 4, 2009- It’s been a week since I went to Tom Ardavany’s “Actors on Acting Series” with Josh Holloway.  Yes, I’m still buzzing about it.  The experience was top notch and it will forever stay with me.  I’ve met many celebrities in my day.  I have close friends who are known for what they do.  But I think I’m still thinking about that night is because of a few things :  1.  my major  passion for Lost   2.  To validate that Josh Holloway is so great   3.  I learned so much from Tom Ardavany.

I podcasted about this particular night but i kept it very Josh Holloway related because it was posted on my Lost Revisited Now  feed.  I edited  the podcast down from an hour to 35 minutes to keep it Lost related.  But in doing so, I left out a lot of  information I got from Tom.  Thus some of my comments were a bit out of context.  I definetly need to learn to edit audio better, lol.

Tom Ardavany is a well respected acting teacher/coach that has worked with Josh Holloway at mastering his craft.  The Ardavany Approach is an amazing way to master the art of acting.  

Some of Tom’s students are Rudy Reyes and Salvador Torres in HBO’s Generation Kill, and Matt Gerald in James Cameron upcoming epic Avatar.

For more information on the future guests of the “Actors on Acting Series”, class orientation, schedules, etc :


If you are searching for a new acting approach, I suggest you check out Tom’s class and sign up for the free orientation.  He takes the art of acting to a new level.  He allows you to open that door so you can extend your creativity to a higher place.  The Ardavany approach allows you  to  use what is already in you to capture the essence of the character.  As Josh talked about, being specific in your approach allows you to use what’s inside you to become the character.  It is such a useful approach that has proven to be effective.

I didn’t have a chance to ask Josh a question but Tom contacted me the other day.  He was so kind to let me know he would pass on my question to Josh.  Tom didn’t half to do that.  He took time out of his busy day to do this for me.  Tom, thank you so much.  I really appreciate it.

Through the editing of my last podcast, I left out some of the great observations of Tom and some of the great insight I was privy to.  I recorded a special actors podcast for the blog.   Listen to part 2 of the night with Josh and Tom :

Night with Josh Holloway and Tom Ardavany Part 2

Fox vs Bay

Director: Megan Fox ‘Says Some Very Ridiculous Things’ by Us Magazine :

July 1, 2009 – Megan Fox slammed “Transformers” director Michael Bay for focusing more on special effects than acting, but he doesn’t mind. “Well, that’s Megan Fox for you,” Bay tell the Wall Street Journal. “She says some very ridiculous things because she’s 23 years old and she still has a lot of growing to do.  “You roll your eyes when you see statements like that and think, ‘Okay Megan, you can do whatever you want. I got it,'” he goes on. Fox told Entertainment Weekly: “I mean, I can’t s— on this movie because it did give me a career and open all these doors for me. But I don’t want to blow smoke up people’s a–. People are well aware that this is not a movie about acting.”  Bay says he “100 percent disagrees” with Fox. “Nick Cage wasn’t a big actor when I cast him, nor was Ben Affleck before I put him in ‘Armageddon.’ Shia LaBeouf wasn’t a big movie star before he did ‘Transformers’ — and then he exploded. Not to mention Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, from ‘Bad Boys’,” he points out.   Bay thinks Fox could be a little more grateful, though. “Nobody in the world knew about Megan Fox until I found her and put her in Transformers,” he says. “I like to think that I’ve had some luck in building actors’ careers with my films.”

Wow, nice book collection!

Wow, nice book collection!


Wow.  Some of us would give their left…..to be in a blockbuster like Transformers.  There is also that term, don’t bite the hand that feeds you.  I guess this is what I call the lack of the struggle.  When actors make it big at a young age, you see the world in a different light.  Your young, famous, and rich.  You got the world by the….and you buy into the hype.  It happens.  Can you remember when you where 23?  Add a few million in the pocket, people taking your photo every where you go, no privacy and oh yeah, you think it’s going to last forever.  Not that I agree at what she says but oh boy, life in Hollywood.  And for Michael Bay to defend his movie?  Bravo.  At least he just wasn’t PC and said, “Oh that Megan.  she is a character.”  But his explosion.  Wow.  Whether you like his views or not, he’s kind of right.  But who cares, Megan Fox is hot and she serves a purpose.  Michael Bay is a powerful director who will continue to kick ass in his movies and guess what, we’ll forget about this article and still go in droves to the movies to see their films.  Like the sheep we are.  So, what’s next?

And so it begins….

Welcome to Heath’s World, a blog devoted to the world of Heath Centazzo.  I’m an actor, podcaster and writer.  In the podcasting world, I am know as Heath Solo. 

My daily blog will focus on what’s going on in Heath’s world : Entertainmnet, Sports, living in Los Angeles, everything in my world.  With the dailey blog, you will also be able to keep up with the daily happening’s of Heath’s 2 podcasts  : The Lost Revisited Now (Podcast about ABC’s hit show Lost with co-host Ms. Wendy)      & 

THE FILM LIST (Podcast devoted to the world’s top 10 films, TV shows, actors, etc.)  They are live and uncut as they are record at www.talkshoe.com  and can be downloaded for free at iTunes.

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Thank you for checking out the blog and welcome to Heath’s World!


The Lost revisited Now podcast with Heath & Ms. Wendy

The Lost Revisited Now podcast with Heath & Ms. Wendy