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LOS ANGELES, May 21 (UPI) — U.S. high-school film classic “The Breakfast Club” is being released for the first time on Blu-ray in honor of its 25th anniversary.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment said the iconic comedy written and directed by the late John Hughes will be released in its new format Aug. 3.

Starring Emilio Estevez, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson and Ally Sheedy, “The Breakfast Club 25th Anniversary Edition” includes a 12-part documentary with cast members talking about making the movie.

Also featured on the Blu-ray are filmmakers Amy Heckerling and Diablo Cody discussing the cultural resonance of the film.

Nelson and Hall provide a feature commentary track as well.



Ok, I was listening to the song “20th Century Man” by The Kinks.  I’ve listen to this jingle many a time in the life of Heath’s World.  But now we are getting close to the end and that MIB (Man In Black aka Johnny Locke) is on my mind. 

 I highlight some interesting parts of the lyrics that caught my eye, have a read and tell me what you think :


This is the age of machinery, A mechanical nightmare , The wonderful world of technology,

Napalm hydrogen bombs biological warfare,This is the twentieth century, but too much aggravation…It’s the age of insanity, What has become of the green pleasant fields of jerusalem.

Ain’t got no ambition, I’m just disillusioned  I’m a twentieth century man but I don’t wanna be here.
My mama said she can’t understand meShe can’t see my motivation….. Just give me some security, I’m a paranoid schizoid product of the twentieth century.
You keep all your smart modern writers….Give me william shakespeare.  You keep all your smart modern painters I’ll take rembrandt, titian, da vinci and gainsborough,Girl we gotta get out of hereWe gotta find a solutionI’m a twentieth century man but I don’t want to die here.  I was born in a welfare state….Ruled by bureaucracy  Controlled by civil servants And people dressed in grey….Got no privacy got no libertyCos the twentieth century people Took it all away from me.
Don’t wanna get myself shot downBy some trigger happy policeman,   Gotta keep a hold on my sanity….I’m a twentieth century man but I don’t wanna die here.
My mama says she can’t understand meShe can’t see my motivationAin’t got no security,I’m a twentieth century man but I don’t wanna be here.This is the twentieth centuryBut too much aggravationThis is the edge of insanityI’m a twentieth century man but I don’t wanna be here.


As we reach the end of the TV series Lost, like any other show, we want it to be resolved in our own perfect way.  Unlike many other shows, Lost made a deal with ABC to have an end date.  Most shows get cancelled prematurely and they just end with no series finale (Journeyman, Kidnapped, Day Break).   Then you get your shows that think they are coming back for one season but then get cancelled the summer before the new season would have begun (ie. Without A Trace, Veronica Mars). 

Recently we got kind of a cool thing when the ABC show Life on Mars was cancelled, although in its’ first season but they wrapped it up the show with the last episode.   And not to mention shows that have been on for a long run and the network allows them to make the annoucement that it is their last (ER, Cheers, Seinfeld).

During Lost’s third season, they negociated an end date.  The network wanted 6 full seasons of 22 episodes per, the Lost creators wanted 5 seasons.  They came up with a compromise for 6 seasons just with trimming the alloted hours for the last 3 seasons.  But having an endate has had it’s share of the good, the bad and the ugly.  Lost has had more good than bad, thus the huge devoted following.  But with so many people addicted to this show, you get your abundant folk of lost haters too.  Whether it’s love or hate, we should come to the easy compromise that we have enjoyed the journey. 

They have answered a lot of questions, but with every answer you get those who don’t like the answer.  So it we should know that not everyone will be happy.  We have longtime questions we want answered and we have some that there is no way they answering.   There are some questions that they have answered but not in the way some fans wanted them to be answered.  And yes, there are some questions we are holding out hope to be answered. 

There are five hours left.  So I put together a list of questions/answers.  I’m sure I could come up with a hundred and eight, but these are the ones that are on my mind : SHORT TERM QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS THAT HAVE COME UP IN SEASON 5 AND SEASON 6, and LONGTIME QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS FROM SEASON 1-4.


 1.  Juliet set off the bomb, and the Losties did land in LAX.   However we see two timelines now.  It didn’t quit reset because it affected everyone before the flight.  I was expecting if the plan works, it would just reset.  But it seems to have affected everyone before flight 815.  So now it brings up the question :

 2.  What is the purpose of this other timeline and what does it have to do with our island timeline?  We’ve seen this other timeline through the term, flashsideways.  Jack has a son, Sawyer is a cop (but his parents still died in the same manner), Kate is still on the run but maybe for different reasons, Jin and Sun are not married, etc.  Ben and Roger Linus where on the island but left and started a life off island.  So what is the purpose of these flashsideways?  Character growth?  Different choices?  Is this to show us that this timeline is not Jacob or island influenced because of what we saw in the season 6 premiere LA_X :

 3.  How did the island sink?  Tons of fans think it happened after Juliet set off the nuke.  But could that have really sunk a large land mass?  With Roger Linus talking about Dharma and leaving, are we too assume he left before the nuke went off?  Or if this timeline is not island influenced, does  that means Juliet, Sawyer, Jack et all never came to the island (plus they landed in LAX) in the first place?  So that means they never travel to the 1970’s.  Ben doesn’t get shot by Sayeed, they don’t set the nuke off, etc.  Which leads us to :

 4.  Has this Flashsideways timeline always existed?  Is it Real?  Will these two timelines merge?  I’m sure we will find out by the end.

 5.  Who did Juliet shoot in the other outrigger?  In the season 5 episode, “The Little Prince“, our Losties were flashing through time.  Juliet shot someone in the other outrigger (that shot at them first).  Is it safe to say that Myles, Richard and Ben will be in the outrigger, so one of them get shot?  I hope it will all play out.

 6.  What is in the guitar case?  Answered, it was a huge Ankh with a list from Jacob with the names of candidates.  Kudos to the Nancy drew shoutout!

 7.  Did Sayeed kill Desmond?  I don’t think so but it will be fun to see if Desmond is still in the well or out.

 8.  Who is the candidate?  Is Jack the final candidate?  Is it all of them?  and why?

 9.  Is John Locke the man in black and/or smokey?  Yes and yes.

10.  Was Richard on the Black rock and how does he not age?  In the epic episode Ab Aeterno we get our answers.  Well, the Richard origin.  Richard was a prisoner/slave on the Black Rock and was given the gift (or curse) of  being able to live forever.

 11.  Why did Smokey/MIB become John Locke?  Well it’s a loaded question, but here are some facts : Jack bringing Locke’s body back to the island helped the cause.  Maybe that’s why Richard instructed many to bury the dead.  MIB claims that becoming John Locke helped in finally being brought to see Jacob.   Therefore he could have Ben kill him, finding his “loop hole”.

12.  MIB wants to go home, where is his home?  Is it back in time?  Is it to the world of the flashsideways?  Is it to 2007?  The future? What will happen if MIB does leave?

13.  Who is the boy who MIB is frustrated in seeing?  It could be Jacob?  MIB as a boy?  Who knows….

14.  How did MIB become Smokey?

15. When Sayeed got shot in the season 5 finale, is he going to die?  ANSWERED. Well he did die for two hours but was resurrected.  But he was claimed by evil.

16.  Will we see the temple?  Answered. We did and it was pretty cool.  We got to see the tunnel in which Rousseau’s team walked into in the episode This Place Is Death.  (That scene when Jack et. all went in carrying Sayeed is one of my faves of the season).  Then after being captured by The Others, we finally saw they amazing temple that we heard of first in season 4.  And 5 episodes later, smokey took it out.  We still think its standing but will we ever see it again?

17. Will we see Charles Widmore on the island?  ANSWERED.  Yes and we see him return to the island.

18.  What is the war that is coming?  Yes, we’ve seen the start and it looks like it’s between MIB, Widmore and The Losties.  “A wise man once told me…”

19.  Will we see Claire ever again?  ANSWERED, yes.  She was on the island for 3 years as a Rousseau look-a-like,  but we still need to know if she died in the explosion and then just got claimed?  Or did she get claimed by going with Christian aka MIB.

20.  Will we ever find out why some Losties flashed off Ajira in 1977 and some in 2007?

21.   What is Frank Lapidus a candidate for?  ANSWERED? Yes sort-of  but we really don’t know if he is a candidate for Jacob replacement. Illana blew up!  We could of used that freakin’ answer!

22.  Who is Illana, how does Jacob know her?  What happened to her to wind up in that hospital?  We find out her job is to protect Jacob…Then to protect the candidates…but then she blew up.  Backstory?  Probably not, but it would be very nice.

23.  Will we ever see Desmond again?  ANSWERED YES YES YES!!!!!

24.  Juliet told Myles it worked.  What work? and how did it work?

25.  Will we see if MIB was truly a man?  How did MIB and Jacob come to the island?  Where They were born on the island?

26.  (From Cutepoison10)  What are the rules the boy spoke of?



 1.  Who is Adam and Eve?  If they are not Rose and Bernard the Losties would most likely have to time travel again, right?  I feel they are Jack and Kate, they’ve been setting it up since the beginning and they did discover them in the cave and Locke said, “Our very own Adam and Eve.”

 2. What are the whispers?  So we found out through Michael they are lost souls who have died that are stuck on the island and they can’t move on.  So every time we heard the whispers does it mean that trouble is coming?  We hear the whispers when others pop out or smokey appears.   Is that why Ben told Rousseau to run when you hear them?  But nothing happened bad happened when Hurley heard them when Michael popped out.  Or did it?  Oh boy.  

 3. Was Christian Shepard  Smokey or himself?  Sort of answered.  MIB told Jack he was Christian.  Was he Christian on the freighter and off island?  Who was he when he told Michael he could go now?  Was it the island?  Smokey? 

 4. Will we get closure on Fertility problems on the island?  We know  that Jughead was under Dharmaville leaking radiation, did that cause the problem?   We don’t think it affected The Others because Eloise gave birth to Daniel.  But did affect the Ben others when they moved in to New Otherton?

 5. Will we see Walt or any of the kids again?  And what role, if any, will they play?

 6.  Food drop, will we get an answer of why it arrived in 2004 when Dharma had been shutdown for over ten years?

 7.  Will we see anymore Dharma?  The 80’s to the purge?  What happened after the incident?  Inman and Radsinsky in the hatch?

 8.  Will we see anything about the orchid and donkey wheel?

 9.  Will we see the Degruts and any goings on in Ann Harbor?

10.  Will we ever see Mr. Eko again?

11.   Will we ever find out if Claire and Aaron will leave on the helicopter?  Did Desmond change it or did he mistaken Claire for Kate holding Goober on the helicopter?…

12.  Will Widmore and Ben ever meet face to face again?

13.  Why did Widmore have nightmares when he was off island?

14.  Did Walt know Locke would die?

15.  The eye in the Arrow Station, who did it belong too?  Donald?

16.  Why did Radsinsky make edits to the orientation film?

17.  Will we ever find out if Mr. Paik has anything to do with Dharma or the end game?

18.  Will we find out who Desmond’s parents are?

19.  Is this whole world of Lost on a loop?

20.  Will we get the origin of the island?  The origin of Jacob?  Origin of the Smoke Monster?

21.  (From Cutepoison10)  What are the rules Ben mentions to Widmore?


Please let me know if there is anything  that you want added to the list.


Here is a sneak peak at the new BURIED teaser poster.  A new film that I have a small part in that is written by Chris Sparling starring Ryan Reynolds.  BURIED is set to be released fall 2010.


Here is the list for upcoming blu-ray releases, among the highlights :  The long awaited Tombstone release.  The old Batman films are now released one by one.  Saving Private Ryan is finally coming to Blu-ray.  Nine, the film with Daniel Day Lewis and oscar nominated Penelope Cruz.  The Electra Director’s Cut and The Hurt Locker‘s director Kathryn Bigelow’s K-19 : The Widowmaker.  ANd The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, the last film of the late Heath Ledger.

April 27, 2010


April 30, 2010

May 04, 2010

Here it is, my final mock draft.  The First round begins tonight on ESPN at 730pm est.  Rounds 2 and 3 are Friday, Rounds 4-7 on Saturday.  Well, it’s not an exact science, I gave it my best, enjoy.


 1. ST.LOUIS RAMS – SAM BRADFORD QB OKLAHOMA– I think Suh would be the pick here, but the Rams have had some bad luck drafting Defensive lineman in the first round : Jimmy Kennedy, Adam Carricker (just traded to Redskins) and Chris Long (jury is still out).  They haven’t had a young QB who was a blue chipper  to groom in awhile.  The Rams need an identity.  They need a poster boy.  They need something for the fans to get excited about.  I don’t agree that Sam Bradford is the next coming, but it’s what the Rams will be forced to do.

2. DETRIOT LIONS – NDAMUKONG SUH, DT, NEBRASKA – The Lions are ecstatic! Suh drops to 2, they draft him, and their ace run stopper and pass rusher from the inside is here to stay for 8 years.  A much needed top pick for this failing franchise.


   3. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS- GERALD MCCOY, DT, OKLAHOMA – He is perfect for the Tampa-2 defense.  He is yet another can’t miss, a home run hitter with high upside.  Berry is too early of a pick at number 3, even though I think he is the 2nd best player in this draft.



  4. WASHINGTON REDSKINS-RUSSELL OKUNG, OT, OKLAHOMA STATE – Best Left tackle in the draft.  Redskins have had major holes in O-Line last several years.  He will protect McNabb right away.   Eric Berry would be a greta pick here, but their high pick of Saftey Laron Landry will prevent the Berry pick.

   5. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS- ERIC BERRY, S, TENNESSEE – The Chiefs need a field general and Berry falling to 5 is exactly what the Chiefs want.  A lot of experts have Bulaga going here, yes the Cheifs need O-Line help, but wait to the 2nd or #rd round for that.


  6. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS-TRENT WILLIAMS, OT, OKLAHOMA – Toughest pick for me to project.  I do Like CJ Spiller here, so that would work but I think they don’t want to miss out on a LT to replace Walter Jones.


  7. CLEVELAND BROWNS-CJ SPILLER, RB, CLEMSON – The Browns haven’t had aan impact runner since….Ernest Byner?  Is that right?  Anyway, they need a back like Spiller.  Remember what Adrain Peterson did for the Vikings at the 7th pick a few years back, well maybe not that caliber but the potential is sure there.


8. OAKLAND RAIDRES-BRYAN BULAGA, OT, IOWA – The last time they picked a lineman from Iowa was Robert Gallery.  And we know how that turned out.  They won’t pick Clausen becasue Al Davis is still in love with Jamarcus”I can’t hit the side of a barn” Russell.  Who do they pick?  Will they shock everyone and pick Dez bryant?  No, they go safe this year with Bulaga.


  9. BUFFALO BILLS-JIMMY CLAUSEN-QB-NOTRE DAME – I just see the Bills doing this.  they haven’t had a young QB studd since Jim Kelly came from the USFL.  Not a big fan of him but the Bills will reach.


10. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS-DERRICK MORGAN, DE, GEORGIA TECH – I really like this pick.  Too talented to pass him up.  he adds a much needed pass rush, greta pass rushers are hard to come by these days.


11. DENVER BRONCOS-DEZ BRYANT, WR, OKLAHOMA STATE – They traded Brandon Marshall to Miami.  they need a threat, an athlete, a playmaker to fill the void.  This is it.


12. MIAMI DOLPHINS-EARL THOMAS, S, TEXAS-His stock has been rising, this talent is too much to pass up for Parcells.  With D.Morgan off the board, this is the pick.  Some might think they will go lB here, I think Saftey will be prime for the picking.


13. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS-JOE HADEN, CB, FLORIDA- His sub par 40 at the combine has scared off a few teams.  the Niners need a CB and they will snatch him up before you can say…


14. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS-JASON PIERRE-PAUL, DE/LB, CENTRAL FLORIDA-Pete Carroll will have a hard time with this pick.  they may even trade down.  To avoid a real reach, they will make a safe pick.


15. NEW YORK GIANTS-ROLANDO MCCLAIN, LB, ALABAMA-The streets in the Big Apple rejoice!  They sweat it out and got their man.  The replacement for Antonio Pierce is here.


16. TENNESSEE TITANS-DAN WILLIAMS, DT, TENNESSEE-This is who they want and need.  The loss last year of Albert haynesworth hurt the run stopping defense.  here is a solid pick that will plug that hole, a few times over.


17. SAN FRANSICO 49ERS (From Carolina)- KYLE WILSON, CB, BOISE STATE – They miss the boat on Joe Haden, they will pick the next best CB.

18. PITTSBURGH STEELERS-MIKE IUPATI, G, IDAHO – The best interior offensive lineman in the draft.  steelers have had trouble blocking against the pass rush.  Perfect fit for the Steel city.


19. ATLANTA FALCONS-BRANDON GRAHAM, OLB, MICHIGAN- he will help the linebacking core with sixe and speed.


20. HOUSTON TEXANS-KAREEM JACKSON, DB, ALABAMA – With CB Dunta Robinson gone, the Texans need help.  Jackson is the best CB on the board.


21. CINNCINATI BENGALS-JERMAINE GRESHAM, TE, OKLAHOMA- The Best TE in the draft.  the Bengals haven’t had a TE of this caliber since the mid 90s.  A much needed saftey target for Carson Palmer.



22. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS-SERGIO KINDLE,OLB,TEXAS- He fits the mold of a Belichek player.  Speed, strength, knowlege of the game.  He can flat out play.

 Another Longhorn in the 1st Round...

23. GREEN BAY PACKERS-ANTHONY DAVIS, LT, RUTGERS – The Packers need to protect aaron rogers if they are going to advance in the playoffs.  This is a good start.  His devotion and work ethic is why he drops this far.

 Great Value at #18...

24. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES-TAYLOR MAYS, S, USC- They have yet to replace Brian Dawkins.  Mays is a hard hitter and will wrok well in the Eagles system.


25. BALTIMORE RAVENS-DEMARYIUS THOMAS, WR, GEORGIA TECH – The Ravens got Anquan Boldin from Arizona but they won’t stop here.  They need a young compliment and here he is.  Withthis pick, QB Joe Flacco will have a nice pair of WRs to throw to for a long time.


26. ARIZONA CARDINALS-JERRY HUGHES, LB, TCU- A great talent who has risen into the first round.  A solid player with a fast motor.


27. DALLAS COWBOYS-MAURKICE POUNCEY, C/G, FLORIDA – With G Kyle Kosier reaching the end of his contract, a nice young player will add depth and eventually will take over as a starter.  A very solid pick, a need for the Cowboys.


28. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS-RYAN MATHEWS, RB, FRESNO STATE- Darren sproles can’t do it alone.  With Tomlinson gone, they need a young runner who help right away.


29. NEW YORK JETS-JARED ODRICK, NT, PENN STATE – Great value, great player, great pick.


30. MINNESOTA VIKINGS-DEVIN MCCOURTY, CB, RUTGERS- Vikings need some CB help.  Patrick Robinson possible pick here also.


31. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS-TERENCE CODY, DT, ALABAMA- great solid man to plug in up front on defense.


32.  NEW ORLEANS SAINTS-SEAN WEATHERSPOON, OLB, MISSOURI- Too good to pass up.  Willa dd a spark to the defense.



March 16, 2010

March 20, 2010

For you New Moon fans, Walmart is releasing a special edition with an extra disc with loads of special features.


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Jason Borne, wait, I mean...







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Citizen's arrest...






Cool poster...



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Frankie 4 fingers...








I will be co-hosting a 5 hour block of the jay and jack 30 hr podcast with axel foley on sunday march 21, 2010.  it is for a great cause, you can donate, email

Jay and Jack’s 30 Hour Podcast for Autism Speaks: Schedule

March 12th, 2010

Starting on March 20th – 21st

12:00pm: Opening

12:30pm: BSG Talk With Matt & Alirio

2:00pm: Patrick Labyorteaux

4:00pm: Bethany Shady From Geronimo Jack’s Beard

5:30pm: Josh from the Josh Mister Lost Podcast, and Josh from the Lost Flashback Podcast

7:00pm: Damon Lindelof

8:00 – 11pm: Media Junkyard Lost Quizoff, USA Vs. Canada Foosball Campionship.

11pm: Jo Opinionated

12am: Tad Stone

1:30am: Ryan and Jen from The Transmission

3:00am: Jimmy Aquino

4:30am-9:00am: Axel Foyle from the Lost Mythos Theory cast and Health Solo from Lost Revisited Podcasts:

[4:30am Intro – Heath and Axel talking Lost

5:00 – Jon Lachonis (

5:30 – Talking about Lost Podcasting – From The Mouths Of Podcasters & Bloggers
Jon Lachonis (, Donald (Donald is Lost), Katy Gowland (What Katy Said), Jed (Losties with Jed and Cara), Matt (Keys to Lost)

6:45 – Lost Theory Roundtable
Donald (Donald is Lost), Wendy (Lost Revisited), Hurricane of Feedback Len, Dharma Dummies, Anna (Jacob’s Cabin), Denise, (Jacob’s Cabin)

8:15 – Chris Sparling, writer of “Buried” starring Ryan Reynolds

Alex (It Only Ends Once) and anyone else who will stick around]

9:00am: Ralph from The Dharmalars

11:00am: Curt Yanko from The Black Rock Podcast

2:00pm: Mary Jane Carpenter, Ian Knight, Dennis Acevedo, and Mrs. Mary Anne Sage

3:30pm-4:30pm: Damian Holbrook Senior writer of TV Guide

4:30-6:00pm Jorge Garcia


Last night the 82nd Academy Awards took place.   James Cameron and Avatar, top grossing film all-time, lost to ex-wife Kathyrn Bigelow and The Hurt Locker.  It was a night of redemption for her.  Kaythrn Bigelow became the first female director to take home the top honor, a long time coming.   A little fun fact : I was in Ocean’s 7-11 with Jess Macallen, her boyfriend is Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) and Evageline Lily is in The Hurt Locker.  Six degress of Kevin Bacon, I mean seperation.

Bigelow is 'Queen of the world'

Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin were your co-hosts.  They were solid but Billy Crystal still is numero uno.

Jeff Bridges, Sandra Bullock, Monique and Christoph Waltz were much deserved winners.

Up in the Air  was shut out from victory.  A great film that I thought would win, something!

Two Lost alums took home Oscars.  Lost is a part of everything and they can add Oscar gold.  Fisher Stevens took home an Oscar for his work on the Documentary feature The Cove.  Michael Giachinno won best original score for UP.  Pretty freakin’ cool!

Lost Alum with Matt Damon...

Here are Oscar winners for the 82nd gala that is The Academy Awards :

Best Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz – Inglorious Basterds

Best Animated Feature Film: Up

Best Original Song: “The Weary Kind (Theme From Crazy Heart),” music and lyric by Ryan Bingham and T Bone Burnett, for Crazy Heart

Best Original Screenplay: Mark Boal,  The Hurt Locker

Best Documentary Short: Music By Prudence

Best Makeup: Star Trek

Best Short Film (Animated): Logorama

Best Short Film (Live Action): The New Tenants

Best Adapted Screenplay: Goeffrey FletcherPrecious: Based on The Novel ‘Push’ By Sapphire

Best Supporting Actress: Mo’Nique, Precious: Based on The Novel Push By Sapphire

Best Art Direction: Avatar

Best Costume Design: The Young Victoria

Best Sound Editing: The Hurt Locker

Best Sound Mixing: The Hurt Locker

Best Cinematography: Avatar

Best Original Score: Up

Best Visual Effects: Avatar

Best Editing: The Hurt Locker

Best Foreign Film: El Secreto de Sus Ojos

Best Documentary Feature: The Cove

Best Actor: Jeff Bridges,  Crazy Heart

Best Actress: Sandra Bullock,  The Blind Side

Oh no you didn't...

Best Director: Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt Locker

Best Picture: The Hurt Locker