I had an idea on twitter today : A Lost podcasting swap-fest.  I know what you are thinking.  Heath, you already go on 500 podcasts every other week.  Yes, I’ve been on Donald Is Lost, Lost Mythos, Keys to lost, The Black Rock, etc.  But this Lost podcatsing swap idea is totally different.

What if you could listen to The Smoke Hatch next week but instead of Steve and Matt, it was Matt and Anna in Indiana?  What if you downloaded Donald is Lost and heard Alex from “It Only Ends Once” doing the finer things club and making Mikail voices?  It would be kind of fun, right?

It’s the last season of Lost and the podcasting community pumps out many mnay podcasts per week for your Lost analyzing enjoyment.  But what I’m proposing will be something fun for you and us podcasters. 

Now this podcasting swap is not just Heath Solo going onto the Lost Mythos podcast as a guest.  It is a complete swap.  Let me give you an example :  As host of the Lost Revisited Now, I will not be allowed to do my own podcast for one week.  I have to host another podcast.  But you have to keep the format of the podcast you are swapping to.  If I swap to the Smoke Hatch, I would have to follow the Smoke Hatch’s format : drinking, cursing and talking Lost like they would.  And if Matt from the Smoke Hatch hosted the Lost Revisited Now, he would do the show with Wendy, do my exact intro “Live from California (Pennsylvania for Matt) and Connecticut its The Lost Revisited Now, episode 99…” He would also do Lost Alums, etc.  So we are swapping out one host for another to make things interesting for out Lost podcasting listeners.  And it will make it fun for us podcasters  too.  So when you download The Lost Revisited Now, you would have Matt and Wendy doing the show.  Sound fun?  But the catch is whomever swaps, we have to make sure you act as if you are not guest hosting.  Pretend that you have always hosted this podcast, kind of like Lost alt parallel timeline.  Got it?

I’m working with Steve from the Smoke Hatch it getting a list of podcasters who want in.  We are looking to do it on or around April 1st, April fool’s day, per Anna In Indiana’s idea. 

If you are a podcaster and are interested in participating :

contact Heath : thelostrevisited@gmail.com

How fun would it be to hear Jay and Jen on the transmission or Ryan and Jack on the Jay and Jack show?  I sure like it…